Monday, August 9, 2010

The Chosen One - Chapter 1a

My name is Wyatt. I am no one. I am some one. I am the Chosen of God.  No one knows this yet but my time is coming.   I will be the Lords right hand in this world of sin, corruption, and broken promises. HE, the Almighty has told me so. I am looking forward to it.  I am not exactly sure how it is going to work.  I figure HE will keep me posted.  Doors will open. People will appear.  That is the usual procedure.  Hopefully this will include me eating at least once a day.  I would think so. My Bible says he provides even for the sparrows.  Then again how much can a sparrow eat?  I admit I do have my doubts at times.  Not in HE of course. It's the little details that some one who is all powerful probably doesn't spend a lot of time on.  Like me eating.  I push these thoughts aside.  It is probably the devil anyways who is trying to sow his seeds of discord inside my head and heart. Plus it is a nice day.

I am laying flat on my back in patch of ferns near a pond. It is comfortable and I am watching the tree leaves above me move in the breeze. Occasionally a leaf  comes lose and falls to the ground. I watch it drop an imagine that somewhere a person has died.  Just like the bell rang when an angel got its wings in the old movie I saw as a kid. I like thinking that when a leave falls to the ground when a soul has moved on. I don't know this for a fact. HE didn't tell me.  I just like the idea.  I find it comforting.  Just like I find comfort in my armor of the LORD.  It's isn't complete yet but I have made a good start on putting it together.  I read Ephesians for guidance and I was a bit confused about what I was supposed to wear. HE clued me in by showing where I was to find my starter kit.   HE also showed me that all who come after me shall wear the starter kit too.  They had Breastplates of Righteousness in my vision too! I don't have one yet which is a good thing I think.  They looked like they would be heavy and hot. Maybe I don't get one because I am in charge.  Who knows?

What I do have is a Gladius with a sheath. It is handmade.  No cheap Chinese crap for the Chosen.  I like it. It is beautiful.  I keep it clean an oil it with WD-40 every night.  The sheath is leather and handmade for it.  I practice with it at night too. Especially when the moon is out and shining on my world. I dance with it in my hand and imagine HE is watching me through the eyes of the moon.  Sometimes I scream for joy as I dance! It feels so right as I spin and leap across the grass and bushes of  the place I have made my camp.  Plus it chases away the darkness. I no longer fear what is keeping me company amongst these trees of the County Park.  I am not the only one out here.  The Devil is always abroad these days and never far.  I have known this since forever. I fear not since HE has spoken to me.  HE has given me the sword of Truth and the gun of Righteousness.  With them I fear no one.

The gun is a beautiful weapon. It is a Colt Peacemaker which is another sign that he is helping me. HE is the Peacemaker.  Except if your on his shit list. From what I have seen in my visions it is pretty long list.  HE says I will have help. Even an Army.  I just wish he would send one or two people soon. The loneliness, like the hunger, is always present. Even after I eat. 

The Colt is a black powder gun. This was confusing to me at first. It was complicated for me to figure out how I was suppose to load it. Especially as I had never owned a gun before.  It fits perfectly in my hand. I like it very much. He led me to it and the Gladius so that is all that matters. Black plastic guns are a sign of the Devil.  There are a lot of things that are the sign of the Devil.  So many that I am afraid that I may forget them all.  I tell myself that if it isn't made of a substance he created like wood, metal, stone  then it is bad.  I am expecting clarification on all this eventually.  HE really hates cell phones, IPods, computers, and cars.  He also is not a fan of most music an art.  He is in favor of sex.  I am looking forward to that.  Hopefully chocolate is okay too.  I doubt if HE takes requests. I wouldn't have the nerve to make on during a vision anyways.  I am usually scared shitless when I start having one. HE is not anyone to take lightly.  So I pray and slip in my wishes that way.  I figure prayer is like email. HE might read it. He might also have me blocked by his Spam filter.  Then again if I am the Chosen that is unlikely. 

I am ready. I feel my time is coming. I am impatient.


  1. VERY interesting start. A character not like what most people see often. That is not the guy/girl with the signs panhandling at the intersections. You've painted an intriguing picture very quickly. I'll be watching to see how it fills out.

    That and now I think it made me want a ham sandwich.

    Jim in MO.

  2. Hey Jim,

    I had one myself for dinner with horse radish cheese. Not bad.

    Yeah. This was probably sparked by the Lion who I really liked as a character.

    I actually wanted to write Wyatt Earp meets the end times. It mutated by the second or third paragraph.

  3. Uh oh. Here comes the religion-motivated crazy. These kind of Jihadist/Crusaders can be tough to stop. Every meal is a confirmation by God of The Mission. Every victory or escape is a sign. A box of found .45Colt is a signal to go forth. Better hope it's not Cor-Bon .45Colt high-pressure ammo in a vintage Colt.

  4. Hello Nova, Hello Nanoo;
    I liked this very much and actually I thought this was part of N's stories. I've enjoyed those and this was the best of em yet. Full Stop! Oops, this was Nova writing. Doh! oh well, It was intriguing on several levels and now I know where part of the familiarity was coming from, The Lion....
    Only part though... I am not particularly religious in the group practice type of thing BUT have had a few experiences, very profound at the time and more so later, with what could fall under the heading of Divine Intervention aaandddd a couple encounters with the Opposition. Funny lil situations, because how can you talk of what happened and sound as you are fully sane(and credible?)... I got the same spooky feeling off this post. Yeah, suuure he is the chosen... lol. Or, maybe. he. is!!!!
    yikes- faith is hard to commit to(sans some in-your-face miracles/signs). I MUST ASK this, "What would YOU do if 'confronted' and when you said; "Yah whatever fruitcake, prove it!", and then they DID! Not something Huge. Just. Something. to show ya there's more than you know...
    HOLY Shit, oops, er I mean, uh sorry, WOW, oh what do I do now....
    pdxr13 has a very valid point- I'll mention this additional comment, moonbat/crazyfolk are pretty obvious within a short timeframe. Don't doubt your intuition on them. Attack or run...
    I laugh as the old song "Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendancies comes to mind. I'm not crazy! You're the one who's crazy! lol...
    Ok,Ok, I 'm done. Thanks for the entertainment you two, keep em coming!

  5. I thought about this a lot last night and this morning. A popular religion is unbeatable because its lifespan can be measured in centuries or millenniums. You can't beat a religion with an army because a quality standing army doesn't last that long. You can't beat it with a political system as it will out last it. You can try to kill every member and never get them all.

    The Jews are still here. Christianity, especially the Catholic church has seen empires come and go. Mohammad went from a handful of believers to an Empire amazingly quick. Muslims are not going anywhere.

    A religion that is focused on conversion by the sword if necessary is unbeatable if its time has come. It is a social, financial, political, and mystical force. A juggernaut that changes everything it comes in contact with.