Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Chosen One - Chapter 2b by Nova

She was not impressed by my camp. How she said "This is it?" Tipped me off. 

"Yes." I didn't say anything else. It wasn't much but HE provided for me. I didn't need much and if I did own anything it usually was stolen.  Besides owning property when others had none was wrong.  I knew that without HE telling me.  It was love of property that had led so many into the Devils trap.

"Why is your tent squashed?"   She had walked over and was peering at it.

"I squashed it."  I told her. I was proud of that.  I had learned that even if your tent blended into the trees someone would still find it.

"Why did you do that?"

She was genuinely curious. It had been so long since someone had taken something I said as reasonable. It made me very happy. "Because no one would can see it if I do this!"  I gave her a big smile and was even more happy, if that is possible, when she replied "Good idea." 

"Is this everything you have?"

"Yes." I added "Plus what I have in my backpack.  I have my sleeping bag hidden inside the tent."

"Okay. This is what we are going to do. Pack up your stuff and we'll go to my place which is a lot better than this." She looked at the bruising on her arm while I did that an muttered "Assholes" and something else that I didn't catch.

I got my stuff together and pushed aside the little voice in my head that was telling me "What a bossy little bitch." The little voices were never happy. Never. 

 I followed her which wasn't bad.  She looked good from front and back.  We only made one stop and that was when she pulled me off the trail to let a crazy guy go by.  He was pushing a shopping cart and struggling. The cart wasn't built for this kind of surface. It wanted smooth and flat. We had bumpy and narrow for the trail.  He would manage it though. The woods already had a couple of carts parked off one of the trails.  They sat there and rusted because they were worthless. Once a wheel went it wasn't worth bothering with.

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