Friday, August 20, 2010

The Chosen - Chapter 4 by Nova

Happiness is a fleeting thing. Reality makes sure of that.  My reality was I knew things had changed between Sharon and I but there was no acknowledgment of that on her part.  We got back to the house and she want in her room and didn't come out until the next day. I was sure I heard her crying at one point which puzzled me. What had we done that was so bad? Had I said something? The next morning she was up early and left with hardly a word spoken between us. I sought solace in my Bible but there were no words there for me that morning.

The killing of the two guys had not stirred up much of a response among those who were employed by the State. We stayed away from the area and kept SWORD out of sight. I kept GUN visible and holstered and was eyeballed by a few cops but open carry was legal in Virgina. Plus they had other things to do. They didn't have time to warn people about carrying matches when they spent all their time putting out fires.

The State may not have know or cared about who opened up those two guys but the world I lived in had a good idea who did do it.  I am sure someone probably snitched me out but I was hard to find and I wore no electronic tethers to the big web which they could slide down on like spiders to spin me into custody. Plus, and the biggest reason was no one cared.  The dead were probably filed away under  "G" for "Good Riddance.

Our actions at Safeway were an entirely different thing. That stirred up a wasps nest. Killing the corporations machines was a serious affront to the Devil and he got his minions hopping.  I had left after she did. She didn't tell me where she was going but I was drawn to the shopping center out of curiosity. More than I had felt after gutting the Demons. I wanted to see if anything had changed or was it just another day of business as usual there.  It wasn't business as usual. That had changed. A lot.  I didn't want to get to close which meant I had to watch from the trees across the way. Not the trees where I wanted to look from either. There were a couple of County cop cars parked by the path leading to the Tree People encampment. They had gone in and dragged what Tree People they could find back to the road and had them in cuffs setting on the curb. I didn't connect that action with ours at first.

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  1. More like "G" For Gardener! ;-)