Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Chosen - Chapter 10b by Nova

I had kind of forgotten about our conversation as I was really wrapped up in writing the Book of Chosen. It flowed out of me with zero effort which I knew meant HE was using me as a transcriber. I would go back and read parts of it and find myself amazed at what HE had written. HE was not messing around. HE was very angry with how the world was being run. I understood that completely.

So when Roy stood in my door and said I was needed on the patio I didn't think anything about it. I was surprised to see Sharon, Rick and Roy standing there waiting for me. No only waiting for me but grinning.

"What's up?" I asked them.

"We got our target." Rick told me. The way he was grinning and clutching sheets of paper in his hand told me he was the one who found him. He thrust the papers he was holding at me and I read though them. Our man had come up through the ranks with his career taking off in 2002. Capitol One had not done any mortgage lending until the past couple of years after the bought a local bank. He was now a regional Vice President. I looked at the photo of him. Yes. He was a DEMON. I told them "He's a greasy looking man isn't he?" They all agreed. He did look greasy. He also looked mean which made sense. His DEMON heart was showing through his face.

The last page showed a map with his house on it. "Nice." I told them. "How did you find all this?"

Rick smiled "Google is our friend. Plus there our only three people in the country with his last name."

I let the "google" reference slide. He added "Once I had his name I ran him though the tax records the county keeps online for the public. I knew a big shot like him had to live close to their corporate headquarters in McLean."

"Where is this?" I couldn't tell on his map as it only showed a couple of streets with a red house icon for where he lived.

"Less than eight miles from here Chosen." This was from Sharon. I liked how her eyes were glinting.

Roy added "We know what time he comes home. We had one of our people stake out the road he comes home on. Our plan is to take him there."


Roy said "Tonight if you want too."

I looked at them. They looked at me.

"Okay. Lets stop at Five Guys for hamburgers first."

They all started talking at once trying to tell me the plan. I tried listening but I was thinking about what I was going to get on my hamburger. Jalapenos most definitely.


  1. is it any good? I've never been east of the Mississippi, though their expansion lately has destroyed that excuse

  2. 5 Guys isn't bad. For the price and what you get its actually very good. Plus they have free peanuts!