Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Chosen - Part 12c - by Nova

I nodded at Roy and Sharon and noticed Rick wasn't there and filed that away. I looked at my people. Some were sitting at the picnic tables. The rest stood in tight clumps. It was quiet.

I held the dandelion up and blew on it. We all watched as a faint breeze took the seeds and their white parachutes away on the wind.

Then I said to them.

"That is what HE wants you to be. Seedlings of his word propelled by his WORD and your belief to unknown destinations. Destinations where you will grow and send off your own seedlings. Some of you will stay there, raise those seeds, and become a part the earth and world around you. Some of you find yourselves unable to take root. Others will take root only to be poisoned or dug up and destroyed by the Demons that will hunt us and have no mercy when they find us. So be it. We will show no mercy either."

"You have heard about what we did last night. It will not be done that way again. We are not Burners. We are the Chosen!"

I paused here. Roy and Sharon yelled "Chosen! Chosen!" and by the second one the rest had joined in. I let it go for about a minute and held the hand that gripped STAFF up for silence. I got it.

"We will continue the war the HE has called for. WE will not rest until the world has become free of the EVIL ONES DEMONS and a better world put in its place!"

"Chosen! Chosen!" Again the fifty people roar.

"Yes! That is why I ask of you in the NAME of HE who Created Us All to listen carefully to what is being asked of you." I paused and swept them with my prophetic glance. Then I continued with "Follow those seeds. Form groups and disperse to where ever HE leads you. Leave your Demon made phones and computers behind. Reach out to us and the others only by face and voice. Leave no trail. Use no credit cards. Watch no satellite spun and Demon focused illusions. Instead grow strong and learn HIS ways and how to survive what is coming so you will be ready!"

For believe me it is coming. You know that. Don't you?" I looked out amongst them and saw the nodding heads. You know this because HE has chosen you. You in turn will choose others. He does not expect you all to do what was done last night. Some of you will prepare fields, food, and the money for those that do. Others of you will find that HE has called you to spread the word. Some of you live quiet lives in his WORD until the day comes when the CALL will go out for the GREAT GATHERING. All will be EQUAL in HIS eyes."

"We will be leaving here shortly. I expect you to do the same. In the very near future you will receive HIS Word bound in paper to be read and memorized. His Word, The Book of the Chosen, your book! Read it! Become it! Follow it!"

"Now go! Now!" I raised STAFF, closed my eyes, and said "HIS Blessing is upon you! Waste no time! The Demons have awoken and are on the march! Soon they will be here with their black plastic weapons of death! Go!"

When I opened my eyes minutes later and lowered STAFF there were only a handful of people there. All of them staring at me. They would be my personal seeds.


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  2. rewrite (since you can't edit once posted):


    This sequence has been utterly chilling, but seems written exactly right...

  3. So now they need a printing press?

    One thing I'm having a hard time understanding is where they are in the time-line of the collapse. How much time until the powerdown? Months? Years? Society still seems to functioning, at least there's still good burgers to be had (5 Guys). That requires long supply chains to be operational. And enough paying customers to keep the doors open. Is this now? Two years from now? 10?

    Anyway, despite my temporal displacement, the story is flowing well. Nice work!

  4. Thanks energyecon,

    I'm basing him on Muhammad.


    This is right before the Zones begin. The county still has a functioning police force. Gardener and Max have just begun their local "unofficial" police duties.