Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Chosen - Part 6d by Nova

I sat there for awhile waiting for the SPIRIT to come upon me. Plus I didn't have anything else to do. Sometimes I could sit for hours. It was a talent. Maybe one of my few. Usually my brain just flat lined. That's how I thought of it at least.  I liked it. Thinking was overrated. At least as a full time job.  So was efficiency.

Efficiency was a pillar of the DEMON religion.  Squeezing the most out of a person like an orange and tossing the rind in the trash and then making it sound like it was good business? What kind of shit was that? DEMON shit.  That's what it was. Just thinking about it was pissing me off. It was too nice of a morning to get angry.  I tried to avoid getting angry this early because it tended to color the rest of my day. So I did my distract meditation.

My distract meditation was pretty simple. So simple I couldn't even remember when I figured it out.  I would pick something around me and study it. A bush. A weed. A piece of trash. It didn't matter. I would look at it and try and see the little atoms spinning inside it. Watch how the breeze moved it. Trace its patterns. Outline it with a mental sharpie. Sometimes if I watched long enough the outline would appear by itself or I could almost, not quite, but almost see the atoms dancing like happy little angels.

There was a limb from a tree laying in the grass not far from me.  I could see where it had been snapped off. It had been awhile because it was an old snap and shear wound. The leaves had long since died and walked away on the wind. One of the arms off the main limb was almost six feet long and straight as an arrow. My eyes kept going back to it. Why? "Talk to me LORD" I thought. Is there something you want me to see. I had almost stopped breathing. HE was leaking through. I could feel him inside me. I started to twitch. "Yes Lord! Talk to me!"  He didn't talk to me. He sent his heavenly highlighter instead.  The special yellow one. The limb that was straight and strong began to glow where he had outlined it. I let my breath out. "Yes LORD I see it! I see it!"

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