Friday, September 24, 2010

The Chosen - Part 12 - by Nova

When we got back to the house we were met by the other members we had recruited and a few I didn't recognize. They were all waiting for us to return and tell them about our first action against the Demons. Since I had asked everyone involved not to talk about what we had planned to do I was surprised and more than a little angry.

They parted for me as I got out of the car. I stood there on the driveway and told them "Tomorrow we will talk to you. Tonight we need to rest. Go!" They left but I heard some grumbling. Sometimes I wish STAFF could shoot fire or lightening bolts. It would be nice to zap the disobedience out of a few of the muttering ones. I did hear someone say "Smells like they stopped somewhere and got some BBQ." That reminded me I needed to take a shower and change clothes and I wasn't going to go to Ricks house to do it. That meant the creek and a bucket in the dark. Not a big deal and tonight it actually sounded inviting.

I was surprised when Sharon followed me down the slope to the back of the house. She didn't come around here that much anymore despite living upstairs. I was even more surprised when she followed me in my room, shut my door, and began stripping her clothes off.

So I asked her "You going to the creek to take a shower?"

"No silly. I am not."

She stood there for a second. I had lit my lantern and she was beautiful in the half light it cast. She slowly walked towards me and I was dry mouthed with anticipation but my brain was still working.

"Sharon. I think you're beautiful ..."

I had to stop for a second or two as she had reached between my legs and was rubbing little sword. She stared into my eyes and slowly ran her tongue across her lips.

"I wanted to pull you down and fuck you right after we set the fire." Her voice had gone all low and husky. Each word nuked my brain. Especially when she looked down and a second later my zipper followed her look.

"Ah Sharon...I don't have any rubbers and you have ....Ah......yes...AIDS right?"

She chuckled or growled. I'm not sure which, and told me "No I don't. I just tell guys that so I don't worry about them trying to fuck me."


"Which is what I want you to do right now."


  1. The ability to destroy a thing is the ability to control it. Frank Herbert, from "Dune".

    Cho' is now a TBTF Banker Eternal Justice Specialist, perhaps the first of many. "Immediate Justice by His hand is Justice Attained."

    Hollywood has shown us that heroes always get the girl, even if he doesn't die of old age.

    Get that video posted with a catchy soundtrack and an instructables follow-up.


  2. A chick that gets wet at a banker burning. You got some strange characters rattling aroind the belfry, Nova.

    Uploading that vid to youtube and not getting traced will be an adventure by itself.

  3. Yeah. The video thing is going to be tricky. Plus a piano sonata or go metal? This is why management gets paid the big bucks.

    bobn, just another high maintenance woman.You can only afford if you got the bankers to burn,