Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Chosen - Part 6c - By Nova

I woke up before dawn. It was that brief window in time when the birds were busy talking to each other and the light had just begun to replace the dark. It was the best time to pray because your prayers could slip through the crack between lightness and darkness and fly to HIS ear through the other dimension that was behind everything we took for granted.

The house was quiet. I had no idea who was still here if anyone. Dennis was supposed to stay with me so he was probably sleeping somewhere. I dropped off the bed on to my knees and bowed my head.  That was very difficult for me to do at first.  It hurt sometimes, like now, and it felt childish and powerless.  Then HE exploded into my mind and  I realized who I was dealing with.  I was nothing compared to the POWER and GLORY of HIM. I did pray sometimes when I was laying down.  I also found I usually felt like praying  when I took a leak.  I thought HE might think I was being disrespectful but I think he understood.  Then again who knows if HE even noticed? Maybe he just got the audio and not the video feed from people unless he was interested in watching that persons channel?

I prayed for guidance on what to do. I also asked for confirmation that it was okay to kill Demons now or should I wait for signs? The rest was the usual things I said except I asked him to look out for Sharon and if he was okay with it I would like to see her again.

I got back on my feet, stretched, and went to use the bathroom. I stepped out into the hallway just in time to see Amy slip out of the bedroom on the other side of the hallway. She seemed startled to see me and scurried off down the hallway into another room. I shrugged and wondered if she was any good.  Probably not. I wasn't going to find out anyway. I shuddered as I got a mental image of her taking me in her mouth, fangs suddenly appearing, and her grinning at me as she ripped it off at the root.

The kitchen was as quiet as the rest of the house. The refrigerator was empty except for some cheese that was cut into little squares and a single strawberry banana yogurt. I ate everything and then went out the back door and sat on the step to think. I liked being outside. It was were I lived now.

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