Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Chosen - Part 10e - by Nova

Rick muttered "I don't see why we can't use cell phones to coordinate this." He was nervous. I could hear it in his voice so I didn't jump on him about mentioning Demon tools. He was our Good Demon anyway so it was natural that he thought that way.

"HE is with us. Know this." I told them. I also added "We don't need them. Just think of all the carjacks that happen around here. They aren't anywhere near organized as we are and they all have no problems." I don't know if that helped but they nodded their heads in agreement. I was getting ready to lead us all in prayer before we hid in the bushes when we saw his car coming. "Damn!" This was from Roy. He was out his door faster than I had ever seen him drive and waving his hands at the approaching vehicle. He had turned on the emergency flashers when we stopped so at least we had that going for us.

It was him! I knew it. He saw Roy and rolled to a stop and his window came zithering down. Roy pulled his .45 from where he had it tucked inside his waistband and stuck the barrel against our man, Timothy William Conesters head. Roy told him "Hands on top of your head. Now!" Much to my relief he actually did it. "Go Rick! Help him." Then I told Sharon "Get in front of his car!" I was using Sharon as a blockade not that it would slow a Demon down but it might make him think of another plan. She did it with out hesitation.

Roy was yelling at him "Out of the car! Get out out of the car!"

Tim looked very calm. He also looked about four or five years older than his photo. "Okay. Okay. Not a problem. You can have the car. The fucking piece of shit has already been recalled twice. I should have stuck with BMW."

I stepped out of the car and beckoned to him. "Right this way Tim." I pointed inside.

"What? What the hell. I thought this was a carjack. I'm not going...Oh shit..."

Roy whacked him hard upside the head with his .45. I told him "Get in the car. I drew SWORD and that seemed to convince him. He stared at SWORD all the way into the car. He didn't look at me when he asked "What the fuck is going on here?"

I wanted to keep him calm. He was bigger than I thought and looked in shape for his age. Demon types always managed to make it to the gym and had good tans. So I told him "SunTrust sent us you idiot." Then I slid in next to him and yelled "Lets go!"


  1. Sorry the delay in posting. My life has become rather busy lately.

  2. nova, I am surely not alone in thinking that whenever an installment appears, I'm grateful!

    Not sure Chosen is ringing true here. If he is the preacher man, he knows the Ten Commandments. I don't care how much he is rewriting the Old Testament. Along with the various imprecations to have no other gods before me and honor thy parents, 'thou shalt not kill' has got to be in the Big Kahuna league of importance. To make it ring true, C would need to have shown us the twisted logic of the narcissist and psychopath: 'I am above the rules, and my framework is the only framework that counts'. And he seems too loyal to possess the other key characteristics of the psychopath: manipulation, and instant reframe of 'friend' into 'enemy' the moment a dissenting opinion emerges. I know you showed us the killing of the contemptuous young man, but one action is not enough. The internal monologue which shows us the twisted perception of right and wrong is what is needed. It's an interesting problem.

  3. Zapo,

    Yeah. The "Do not Kill" is easily changed to "Do Not Kill Believers and People I Need."

    But yeah. I don't see him as sociopath. I see him as a believer and just a guy who has taken a trip down Old Testament lane. Partially as result of what happened in his life. Partially because he his losing it and it is an anchor. He is lost and HE is the only thing giving him focus.

  4. "Thou Shall Not Murder" is quite a bit different from "...not kill".

    Murder is killing one of your own or an equal (human), who has not been judged. Murder requires bad intention. Accidents without intention aren't murder, even if killing happened. This is reflected in US Law (somewhat). Crazy can be a killer, and that might require crazy to be put down, but that's just more necessary killin'. It takes a relatively sane person who is misbehaving to do murder.

    Soldiers bearing arms and/or in uniform are always legitimate targets of war. This is why war should be a formally recognized state, because if it is not, it's difficult to stop. "Police Actions" prosecuted like war become like a multi-generational feud that removes focus from production and civilization. Until demonstrated otherwise, a woman carrying a baby is generally not a legitimate target. In a total war, anything that moves is a target, and a baby is merely a convenient hiding place for a hand grenade (as Afghan/Iraqui/Gaza women have shown recently). Children are sneaky/small carriers of explosives. Harmless-looking old men produce pistols/daggers from swimtrunks. It's time to dust off and nuke the place from orbit when facing resistance like this.

    Sorry for the rambling.


  5. Why not use cell phones? Cho is correct in that they are "devil tools", even without understanding exactly how in detail he is correct.

    A high-profile kidnapping investigation (which an elite-class banker will get) will certainly get logs, if not the actual audio of cellular traffic near the site of the event. They WILL locate the handsets in question, along with the users, PDQ.

    If you had 2 teams, Team-B could be spotting/back-up as well as running a SigInt deception operation with disposable non-GPS cellular handsets left on and moved the opposite direction of the main team, then left on and dropped off where can collectors/hobos might find them. With a good charge and a working pre-paid account, the transients would hide and use them for several days (until the battery went flat)and pawn/trade them off. Tuck a $20 bill and a return address sticker (island rural-route address on the other coast) with promise of reward inside the battery cover for additional misdirection.

    Time wasted in misdirection by investigators/recovery-teams is very helpful to kidnappers (in this scenario, interrogation/confession-on-video/murder).

    Without the B-team, radio silence is good.


  6. Don't forget that the target has one or more cellular units on him, his briefcase, his laptop/netbook, and built into his car (factory GPS/nav, and maybe aftermarket "Low-Jack").

    Only the newest models, with X-Y-Z accelerometers and GPS capability, are found on TBTF Bank VP's. Team-B might recover and misdirect with these items.

    Pull the battery from each item and deny the enemy the benefit of devil technology using the instruction of the US Army (smash/burn/shoot).


  7. PDX, I am totally with you on the 'kill' vs. 'murder' difference. Showing how brainwashed I am. I was reciting the litany from memory, as it was taught in my parochial grade school, where we all memorized and recited.

    War is a problematic and necessary business, and IMHO not subject to the ill informed assessment of typical civilians.

    There will always be a warrior class. In the aggregate, relatively few are subject to the 'kill' moral quandary - the logistics and supply tail drives the enlistment numbers.

    So, for the majority, it is a career with certain characteristics that resonate with some people. A minority of us are simply cut out for the ascetic life, whether it be priesthood or soldiering. My son, for one, recognized his affinity for discipline, physical challenge and mission, amongst a society of like mind. He became a Marine, and I am proud of him.

    BTW, IMHO you were not rambling one bit. We MUST bash fuzzy thinking, and you identified mine. Thank you.

  8. I was a Logistics Group/Maintenance Squadron Airman during the last days of POTUS Bushuru and Clinton. We had Officers for the serious killing, and LE/SP's for keeping order on Base. The reality of my enlisted life was air conditioned with regular snack inputs and not much heavy lifting (or shooting Uncle's ammo), but I wore the same uniform as everyone else and was just as much a target (or speedbump Selected To Absorb Rounds with cooks/admin/non-essential/non-civilian/non-evacuated E-4 and below, at Osan).

    No claim to "warrior class" status here, but I've had time to consider the effects of being on The Team.

    When/if it stops working, there will be hell to pay. The power vacuum will be Cat6 storm, and it will suck!

    I am proud of Marines, too. Every Marine a Rifleman first, then a specialty. Buy a Devil Dog a drink during Fleet Week!