Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Chosen - Part 11b - by Nova

I changed my mind. "Rick, before you start filming I want you to take that rope and bind his legs and arms and then take of the cuffs."

"Is that okay with you Tim?"


He was a little more subdued now. While Rick worked on him with the rope he said "You people want to tell me what's going on here?"

I had walked over to the stack of wood and picked a piece up to smell. It was pine and the piece I had more than a bit of resin on it. I set it back on top of the stack, wiped my hand off on my pants and got some of it off. Pine resin was worse than gum for stickiness. It sure did smell good tho.

"Tim. What's going on is HIS judgment." I smiled at him.

Rick told me "Okay. I got him." Roy and Sharon had helped him. I was a little worried about Roy. He looked a little winded as Tim had decided not to cooperate after I had answered his question.

"Thanks Rick. Everyone take a seat by the wall except for Rick and lets get started."

Sharon asked me "What should I do with these?" She held up the handcuffs.

"Hold on to them. I think Tim will be taking them with him." I smiled at him. He didn't smile back. "Okay. Lets bow our heads for a brief prayer." I told them. I looked at Tim. He did not have his head bowed. Not a surprise. Instead he said "Jesus. Can we just pass the plate and get the hell out of here." I ignored him.

Instead I raised my arms up into the air and prayed "We are gathered here to begin your work as YOU requested. We are not many but with your help we will do great things for YOU. All of us have suffered in one way or another from the devious plots and plans of the Evil Ones over the years. They have stolen our homes, poisoned the planet, tried to bind us to them with the chains of forever debt, and when we complained they laughed and found more foul ways to torment us.

I heard an "Amen" from Roy.

Yes! We welcomed them. We didn't understand that what looked so shiny and fun was really another way of stealing from us. iPods with batteries that died after a year and songs you couldn't transfer sold to us on credit cards where they they told you one rate and then charged you another!"

Sharon gave me a loud "Amen."

"All the while circling like buzzards. They watched for any sign of our having to struggle. A job loss, a sick child, a car accident were like fresh blood to these sharks. They came in with their 29% interest rates, their late fees, their double billing and if you tried to call them they put it to you harder as soon as you hung up the phone. Did you need to use the card to eat? They closed the account. Did you need to buy medicine? They closed the account and then torched your credit for anyone else. They are DEMONS! FEASTING on our blood!"

I dropped my arms. They were getting tired. I really needed to start working out. I looked at my friends. My followers. I told them "Let's talk to the Demon. Lets listen to his words but remember they are masters of the twisted word. I looked at Tim. He looked at me and laughed! Then he said, the contempt audible and dripping with venom on every syllable he uttered "You fucking bunch of twisted loonies. You drag me here for a credit counseling meeting? Jesus H. Christ. Cut these ropes and I will get your cards reinstated. Hell, I'll make sure your limit is raised too. That way you can afford the therapy you all need."

I pulled out SWORD and walked over to him and said "You will answer only when spoken to from now on or I will cut your throat. Do you understand me?"

He still didn't get it. He told me "Fuck you. If I want Moses I'll watch an old Charles Heston movie."

I didn't think about it. I raised SWORD and cut off his ear. SWORD sure was sharp. I only had to put a little wrist into it. It fell to the floor and I picked it up and looked at it. He had little hairs growing on the earlobe. I dropped the ear to the floor and stepped on it. Then I ground it into the carpet like you would a cigarette butt.

I asked him "Do you understand?"

He nodded his head, moaned, and muttered, "Oh shit."


  1. demons getting there just deserts get them brother chosen hehe

  2. I hear Stealer's Wheel on the soundtrack for some reason.