Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Chosen - Part 11d - by Nova

I helped Roy drag Tim out through the French doors. Sharon wasn't physically big enough to handle his weight. Roy wasn't either really. He just kind of walked along side and tugged him in the right direction. I was winded by the time we were done. I really, really needed to work out. Tim wasn't cooperative nor was he uncooperative. He was in shock. I liked him better this way.

Sharon followed behind us with the light, rope, and cuffs. I stood Tim up against one of the posts that held the second story deck up while Roy loosened the ropes that bound his arms so that I could bend them back enough that Sharon could cuff his wrists around the post.

"Make it tight Sharon."

"Got it." I could hear the ratcheting sound as she they bit into his wrists.

"Owwww. Hey! What are you doing?"

This was from Tim. He sounded drunk.

"Don't you worry Tim" I told him. "You're going to be with your Father soon."

"What? I hated that fucking drunk."

"Okay. Done." Sharon told me and stepped back and looked at him appraisingly. "Yeah he ain't going anywhere except to the dance."

It took me a minute to get it but when I did I laughed so hard my side hurt. While I was busy doing that Roy was bringing the firewood out one piece at a time. When I could talk I told him "Make sure you get the pieces with the most resin Roy." He was headed back in for another piece but when he heard me say that he stopped, turned around to look at me, and said "Don't teach an old rooster how to suck eggs." Then staring angrily at me he stomped through the doors. I had no clue what that meant other than he didn't like me telling him what to do.

Sharon reached out, touched my arm, and said "Let it go Chosen. He's tired."

"Yeah. I know." I went inside to give him a hand toting wood.

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  1. Ah banker BBQ....finger lickin' good...

    Thanks Nova, perfect.
    The Piper