Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Chosen - Part 10d by nova

Sharon said "Weapons check" as we cruised slowly down Old Dominion Drive. Much to my amazement everyone had guns. "Where the heck did all the guns come from?" I asked. Sharon looked at me, reseated the magazine in hers, grinned and said "This is America Chosen. Guns are easier to find then jobs." No one laughed. It was the truth.

I was gawking at the houses we were seeing. When did these mansions appear? They were everywhere here. I didn't remember them from the last time I was here which was how long ago? It was awhile ago I knew that but I couldn't get the math to work in my head. It was stuck back in what I now thought of as the "Fuzzy Time." Sometimes I wasn't sure if what I remembered had actually happened to me or someone who looked a lot like me but was born on another planet. The planet of Yesteryear.

Rick was peering at the map and was telling Roy where to turn. "This is it people." He announced. Roy barked a laugh and shook his head. I looked at him expecting him to follow up with some words but he stayed silent. We drove into the DEMON's development and found the street. Roy slowed down even more if that was possible, I could barely see the houses as they were set back so far. The only thing really visible was the gates with the addresses. Without them we would probably have never had a clue where we were exactly. Especially as the light was fading fast.


  1. I am not wild about these "kill in my name" deities.

    But I do hope that some day, someone like Chosen will show to Lloyd Blankfein (and those like him) some of "God's Work" - up close and personal. >:)