Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Chosen - Part 12e - by Nova

"You ready to go Roy?"

"Yeah. Gimme five to load the car and we can be gone."

"Okay. Go ahead and do it. I'm going to go get Sharon and Rick and tell them it's time to go."

Roy sat back down. I looked at him quizzically. He shook his head and said "If we're waiting for them I don't need to get started for another two hours at least. Rick has a lot of stuff in that house I bet he isn't going to want to leave behind and there isn't any woman in the world that can move on ten minutes notice that I ever knew. No sir. I'm going to go sit on the patio and take a nap. You go get them and wake me up when they're ready."

I glared at him. He smiled at me and walked away. I was angry because I didn't like going into Rick's house. I didn't like having to wait on them, and I really didn't like having to fetch people. What was the point of being The Chosen then? I was less than happy when I walked in the front door of Rick's house. There were people packing up their stuff in the living room and I held the door for a woman who had an armful of clothes.

It was weird, that little encounter, she was surprised and yes, awed that I had held the door for her. She went past me stammering her thanks. I had to back up to give her some room. The women we attracted weren't Burner women. They got all the hot ones I had been told. We were attracting the fat ones. Even when they were young they still had a roll or three of fat. Good women but fat. Roy said he liked them that way but I wasn't going there. At least if Sharon kept coming through for me I wouldn't be.

I blessed a few more people who were milling about packing. They loved that. Rick had his "headquarters" in the basement and I headed down the stairs. I hadn't been here before and I have to admit I was curious what our Good Demon had down there. I was picturing giant flat screens glowing with Demon info flows. Computers and other Demonic gear twinkling and sending off Demonic energy and music playing from one of the forbidden sources like an iPod.

Instead I found more people packing to go. I didn't know he had people sleeping in the same room as his computers. I looked at them closely. None of them looked contaminated. They looked happy to see me and I spun off a few more blessings. Sharon saw me, smiled, and beckoned me over to join her and Rick in front of a laptop that they had been staring raptly at when I had come in.

As I approached them she said "Chosen! You got to see the response our video is getting!"

I stopped dead and stared at them. Rick had given me a quick smile and had fallen back into the screen. His hand his only visible sign of life as it twitched on the mouse to glide it in response to the Demon that lived inside the glowing profanity that it was.

Anger filled me. HIS anger. This was wrong! Very very wrong! HE filled me with rage and it tasted so sweet to me. Sharon saw me coming and she knew something was wrong. She had just stood up, her mouth opening to say something, her hands rising in the air, probably to signal "Stop!" It was to late. Rick had clued in that something wasn't right. He was looking at me, his eyes beginning to widen, as I stopped, raised STAFF in the air, and brought it down like I was swinging an axe. STAFF slammed into the laptop sending little black keys popping into the air. STAFF was Angry! STAFF crushed the table the laptop was sitting on and collapsing it onto one of Ricks knees. He started screaming. Sharon was yelling "No!" I raised STAFF again and caught the laptop monitor which had detached itself from the keyboard part and was sliding slowly to the ground. That was a satisfying crunchy hit.


  1. I get like that about once a week. Weird, it's almost like a bad relationship. You keep going back no matter how frustrated these damn things make you. How did we ever do anything without them?

    Jim in MO.

  2. What did we do without them? Well, we used people instead.

  3. Jim,

    If you use Windows, try Ubuntu or another Linux.

    With computers, everything sucks, but some things suck very much much more than others. Windows and Word are two of them.

    I have a dual boot machine at home. The only times Windows sees life is when I have to use my scanner, which isn't supported yet in Linux. (More and more, I take a pic on a digital camera and transfer that to the box.)