Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Chosen - Part 7d - By Nova

Roy told me "I did some minor smoothing on the wood of your staff. Not much....where did you say you found it?" He was trying to be casual about the question but he wasn't doing all the great of a job.

"HE lead me to it."

 "He being God?"

"Yes. Of course." I thought who else? I sure wouldn't be calling one those butterfly dicked politicians HE now would I.

"Yeah. I wouldn't have believed you until I held that staff of yours." He shook his head and said "I feel like a part of my brain got hosed out. This ain't Jesus. This God of yours is he?"

"No." I waited for what he had to say now. Inside I was excited and bothered. Excited because HE must have spoken to Roy. Disturbed because it was my STAFF! How come HE talked to Roy. Couldn't he just have given him his own staff or had me pass on the message?

"Yeah. I quit believing in him awhile ago. Three and a half years ago almost. He doesn't listen and I know he doesn't care." Almost under his breath he mumbled "Should have know that after '50." A little louder he added "Never stopped believing in the Old Testament one though. That's him isn't it?

"Yes it is. Roy. What did you have happen when you held STAFF?"

"I can't tell you. Least not yet and maybe never."

He saw the look on my face an added "Don't have words for it." He shook his head slowly, looked down and said "Not sure I want to put words to it."

I understood that and told him so. He was right about that. The human brain wasn't meant to handle the experience HE brought with him when he was really broadcasting. That's why he talked mostly.

Roy sat up a little straighter, slapped each knee simultaneously with his hands, and said "Well, I don't what you got planned but I'm going with you."

"Okay." I was happy he was joining me but HE needed to get find us someone other than the sick an old if we were going to accomplish much.


  1. HE is picking just fine, Chosen.

    Roy doesn't sound like a quitter, and I bet that some skills from '50 remain carefully locked away in the old stick-maker. Sharing might happen.


  2. pdxr13,

    yeah. I didn't even get your comment at first about Chosin Reservoir. Then I realized perfect fit somewhere.

  3. The Roy/Sharon dynamic is going to be interesting... the grizzled old first shirt keeping the butterbar out of trouble?