Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Chosen - Part 13 - by Nova

We were rolling down the road twenty minutes later.

We were a two car caravan with Micah driving an older blue Suburban and following behind us. Rick was in the backseat and in a bit of a snit over getting his laptop whacked. His leg was fine as far as I could tell but whenever he walked he limped. I wanted to hurt him.

We had one problem right away. No one knew where we were going including me. Everyone was looking at me and HE wasn't telling me anything so I decided we were heading South. I told them "Take I-95 South towards Richmond. We'll find a motel and spend the night there." I left it at that. To my surprise nobody had a problem with it. They just assumed I knew what I was doing. That came as a bit of a surprise to me. It had been awhile since anyone had assumed I knew what I was talking about. The last time that I could remember was when I had a job.

I was feeling better once we were on I-95. Traffic was slow. Traffic on I-95 was always slow though it was a little better than what I remembered. Part of that might have been the improvements made on the I-495 to I-95 merge lanes. The other part was the crappy economy. The good thing about the traffic rolling slowly was it made Roy a normal driver. It also gave me time to talk to him and the rest of them.

"Roy" I asked "What do you know about the Micah, Tiny, and the woman. What is her name anyway?"

Sharon answered from the back "That's Suzie. She's alright but a bit lazy."

Roy laughed and said "She isn't lazy. She's pregnant."

Sharon returned "How can you tell?"

"Ah. Enough about her. Roy, what do you think of them."

"They're good for White boys." Roy I noticed lately had discovered his inner racist or he just felt comfortable saying what he thought around me now. He continued "Micah is a vet. Tiny wanted to be a Marine but he failed something. He won't say and either will Micah. Micah did security and laid carpet for awhile. Tiny, I think he lived in his Mom's basement forever. Him and Micah are cousins somehow."

"Who got the woman pregnant." I asked.

Roy shrugged and said "No clue."

He was right. It wasn't that important as long as one of them took care of her.

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