Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Chosen - Part 12b - by Nova

I forgot about following Roy. Instead I let the images of possibilities and directions roll through my head. HE wasn't blasting my head this time. Instead it was a fast but smooth flow that I saw as a spectator instead of an awed and scared supplicant to HE who came in fury. This was much better I thought. It was soothing and interesting. My only worry was how much I was going to retain.

Somewhere in the middle? Beginning? End? I felt a hand on my arm shaking me while an annoyingly insistent voice that wouldn't shut up kept saying "Chosen. Chosen. CHOSEN!" I opened my eyes to see Sharon leaning over me getting ready to shout my name again. The only thing that tempered my desire to hurt her was that her blouse had gaped open nicely and she wasn't wearing a bra. Never the less I growled "Do not do that again. Ever." She didn't seem bothered what I said this as she had already looked annoyed when I opened my eyes. She told me "Get up! People are waiting for you!" Then she stalked off.

I got up, grabbed STAFF, and then composed myself. I needed to look prophetic for the people. I wasn't sure what that meant at first but I knew people expected it and so I had asked Roy. All he had to tell me "Look constipated." I had thought about that and decided that dignified was better but then dignified always seem to slip away and I ended up being me. Maybe my growing a long beard would help.

I was still thinking about this when I came around the corner and saw everyone gathered. There were more people than I expected waiting. My guess was at least fifty people including kids and a handful of people that I hadn't seen before. That was a lot of people for me. When I came around the corner everyone started clapping and then the chanting began. "Chosen! Chosen! Chosen!"

I stopped and looked at their smiling faces and let the chanting and applause wash over me. It was great. I felt warm and huge inside. So huge that part of me felt like it had come loose and was floating above me and all around me at the same time. I smiled at them and raised my arms up in the air and looked up in the sky. It was so blue and the clouds were beautiful. I dropped them after a minute and yelled to them "HE loves you!"

That really set them off and the chants grew even louder. I walked towards the spot where I usually stood and a child, a little girl, her blond hair in braids ran up to me, touched my leg, and then ran off laughing. I watched her run though a patch of dandelions that had the little puffballs ready to release their seeds. Her running through them had caused a couple of them to release their white tufted seedlings behind her. I followed in her path, bent and picked a full one, and then continued to where Roy and Sharon awaited me.

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