Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Chosen - Part 6e - By Nova

I got up and walked slowly towards the fallen limb. With each step the yellow glow that outlined my branch faded.  I stopped, grabbed the branch in the center and pulled backwards as hard as I could. The branch snapped cleanly off at the base of the bigger limb and I ended up falling backwards and onto my ass. I got up, brushed my ass off and looked it over. I liked it. It fit perfectly in my hand and once I cut the shoots that had grown off it and smoothed it out it would be perfect. It was oak and it wasn't light. 

I stood therewith it in my hand and I couldn't help myself. I pointed it at a bush and said in my best Moses voice "Burn!"  It didn't. I was glad in a way. That would have been scary amazing.  I was also disappointed too. It was a gift from HIM so it had to be good for something. I thought that would probably to be revealed later.  A lot of things were like that in life now.  I looked back at the house. Amy was watching me through the kitchen window. She disappeared from sight as soon as I spotted her.

"Satans bitch" I muttered. I didn't like any of them.  I was tempted, yes LORD I was very tempted to go along with them. Just like the DEVIL had taken the Prophet Jesus to the top of the world and shown him the glittering cities of the sinners and promised him they would be his so they had promised me the goods of the world. Maybe not cities or even big towns but they had made promises. Promises that in my weakness I had considered. HE knew. He had shown me the STAFF of ....I got stuck here.  I forgot what I had. GUN was something. I smacked the side of my head with my fist and shouted "Think!" SWORD was righteousness. GUN was the voice? STAFF would be ...? "Why couldn't he label these things!"  I thought. I hated these black spots of forgetting. I was stupid! Stupid!  HE gave me these things! The least I could do is remember their names! I fell to my knees and began to pray "Oh LORD I am stupid. You picked an idiot to be your Chosen One." I kept going and I felt like crying with frustration and anger at my stupidity. Stupid. Stupid Stupid I was.

Then he spoke to me. "IT IS THE STAFF OF JUDGEMENT."   Of course it was! I laughed, shook the STAFF and yelled "Thank you LORD!"  I used the STAFF to help get back to my feet. It was already proving to be handy when Dennis stuck his head out the door and said "You okay Chosen?"

I yelled "Praise the LORD!"

He yelled it back an added "Come on in. It's breakfast time! We have a lot to do today!"  Then he shut the door. A little to loudly I thought.  I began walking towards the door and I realized it was time for me to go back and find Sharon. First though they needed to be chastised for tempting me. Why else would STAFF have appeared?


  1. Stick, gun, knife. Winner! Chosen has most of the tools he needs for the coming walking quest.

  2. Time for batting practice?

    Jim in MO.

  3. My bible is extremely dusty, but I only recall something about 'the staff of life'. Or is that something we are born with?
    More woofage later, Ian

  4. pdxr13, First we need to build a flock

    Jim, hmmm....psychic are we?

    Ian, This is the special edition version. Think of it as the book of Chosen.

  5. This is kind of funny. I look at things and concentrate on them too. And there are all kinds of hot demon bitches around tempting me..
    uh oh.

  6. Kevin,

    hmmmm...sounds good to me

  7. Oh why indeed.
    Been working to hard lately and just getting the chance to catch up again. I like this character.