Friday, September 3, 2010

The Chosen - Part 6f - by Nova

I walked in the kitchen door. Amy and Dennis were sitting at the same table we had dinner at. Tyler wasn't around and I was sure he was gone. I didn't know for sure. He just seemed like a busy going places type of guy. All the dishes from that meal had been piled in the sink for someone else to stick in the dishwasher. Most certainly by their special Christian Hispanic woman. 

I was surprised no one had asked me about Jesus yet and my personal relationship with him. That alone was a good enough reason to move on. They assumed I was a Christian. I wasn't. I served HE who can't be named. The God of Abraham, Moses and I think Ruth.  Jesus was a Prophet but he wasn't the one TRUE Prophet. That was my job as soon as I figured out how I was going to do it.  I probably would need a television show but HE didn't like technology. That also ruled out the Internet which was even bigger than television.   Even bigger than cable or satellite for reaching people.

The two of them stopped chewing on their bagels to greet me. Dennis added a "What is that?"  Amy, being Amy, started laughing at STAFF.  She told Dennis "It's his Moses stick." She resumed laughing and Dennis, well he tried to fight it but he joined in.  I looked at STAFF and it didn't seem so special now.  I hadn't got cut off the little branches that grew off it and I got a picture in my head of Charlie Browns Christmas tree. I had seen that as a kid and barely remembered it until now. For a second I almost burst into tears.  I must have worn it for a second on my face because Dennis quit laughing sort off while Amy went into another spasm of laughter.

He said "It's okay Chosen. We can trim it up and maybe stain it our something." Then he shot Amy a glare that just made her laugh harder.  She managed to say in between her fits "Yes........we......we can.....paint it.....Oh God."   She was holding her side. Laughter can hurt both ways sometimes. That when I saw it. She was wearing a Borg Demon implant. I had probably seen it when I walked in but my mind had been sidetracked by their laughing at STAFF.  My mind flipped when I saw that.  I strode around the table to where she sat. She watched me approach and almost, not quite, stopped laughing. She looked up at me and I saw no fear. I did see contempt and disdain. She was rapidly trying to get it together but I had seen it. She had also seen my eyes which was why she was trying to pull Amy the Professional out of the box in her brain and slip back into that. She was fast dropping the mask but she wasn't fast enough to dodge my hand.

I grabbed her Demon implant and a bit of hair along with it and yanked. Her ear bent a bit but it came loose. I hesitated for a second because I was sure I had seen worms clinging to it. Pale brown ones that glistened and then dived through her ear hole and back into her brain. I threw it down in disgust and stomped it. Amy had screamed in pain, pressed a hand to her ear, stared at me in disbelief and wailed "Dennis!" He started to get out of his chair and I pulled GUN on him. I told him "Don't Dennis. She is a Demon." 

Amy screamed "You asshole!"

I didn't want to shoot Dennis. He seemed okay. Maybe he was tainted a bit but I thought he could be saved. "I'm leaving Dennis. Sit down."  I started moving away from them and heading for the door. That's when Amy punched me in the thigh hard. I didn't figure out until much later that she wasn't aiming for my thigh then. Moving was what saved me from getting racked by that Demon bitch.  She screamed again "You asshole!" Then she started getting out of chair. Dennis grabbed her, told her "Calm down." Then he looked at me and said "Go!"  I went.


  1. Dang! I was hoping for batting practice. They both need some adjustments. Especially Amy.

    Jim in MO.

  2. Jim, Yeah. The time is coming. I thought about it and it wouldn't work yet.