Friday, September 24, 2010

The Chosen - Part 12a - by Nova

I woke up in the morning and she was gone. I sniffed my hand, smiled, and stretched. HE was good to me. I felt happy. Far more happier than I usually did this time of morning. I laid there for a bit and thought about the night and found myself wishing she had stayed.

The room smelled of sweat and smoke. I was going to drop my clothes in the creek and hope that got out most of the blood and pine leftovers.

I got up and hit the bucket and started getting ready. While I did that I tried to think about how I wanted to do the day. I knew I had to talk to people but before I did that I wanted to spend some time reading the Bible and praying. Then talk. Then continue writing the Book of Chosen. According to Rick it was drawing quite a response on the Internet. That was nice but I was thinking when it was done I would sell it on Amazon through Createspace as paper only. Then I would tell Rick to erase the Internet version. It would be harder for the Demons to twist HIS word that way. Plus I wanted it in paper. Maybe with a green cover.

I wandered out onto our porch to find Roy already sitting out there smoking a cigarette.

"Morning Roy."

He grunted and didn't look at me.

"When did you start smoking?"

"This morning. Already smoked three and it's like I never quit."

"You know that's bad for you" I told him.

He burst out laughing. When he was done he told me "Yeah. I'll keep that in mind." Then he laughed again and lit up another one off the one he was finishing up.

"You okay?" I asked him.

"Fine. Just fine Chosen."

Now he was looking at me.

"Chosen you need to starting talking to HIM about what we are going to do after this video gets out. You do know they will be coming for us and they won't be looking to put us on trial either."

I thought about that. I knew he was right but at the same time I really hadn't thought a lot about it. I mean no one seemed to care when I had killed those two men. It was if Roy was reading my mind.

"This wasn't some homeless guy we killed. This was one of their own. They are going to want to make an example of us and quickly."

"That why you decided to go back to smoking?"

He blew some smoke at me and his face changed, For a second he looked every day of all the days he had lived. Then he grinned at me "Yeah. Pretty much so. Don't try to change the subject Chosen. We need a plan. I don't mind dying. Sometimes I think I am already dead." He paused, flipped the cigarette out into the knee high grass that we called a yard, and said "You might not care either but I bet Sharon does."

He let that sink in and then he stood up. "Time to talk to the people Chosen."

I let him go ahead of me. I was seeing what he said. THEY would come. I could see them in my head. Black wrapped DEMONS with sunglasses and plastic guns to breathe their own DEMON fire on us. Flying DEMON machines with bright staring single eyes. Oh yes. They were already stirring and sniffing the breeze for our scent. They already hated the Burners and they just burned buildings. We had gone over the line. We were going to hunt them down and kill them. No more burning. Quick, fast, and gone. I even saw the mark we would leave so they would know it was us. The Chosen ones.


  1. Time to get out of Dodge and spend a little time in the Wilderness. (It's a requirement to get a Prophet merit-badge.)

    Or the Hamptons. But no cover or concealment. Anyone not driving a 5 figure car is suspect.

    Maybe a banker-friendly state? Like South Dakota. Sold their souls for credit card fees. Worth it? Maybe they thought no one would notice...

  2. Hey D^2,

    Yep. Maybe living in the woods homeless got him that one already? The Hamptons would be tough but you can't beat it for a target rich environment.