Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Chosen - Chapter 11e - by Nova

We stacked it up around him. All the way up to his knees. He was bleeding steady. I was starting to wonder if he would die on us or make the wood to soggy to light. That would be not so good. I let it go. HE was in charge. If he died, well then he died. We could still burn him or maybe back the car over him a few times. Whatever. HE would send an idea to me. I just had to take care of HIS business.

I was standing there looking at Tim when I heard Roy cough behind me. Standing next to him was Rick. He had quit filming. When I looked at him, probably frowning, he quickly said "Trying to conserve on the battery and storage space. I want to make sure I can get the final scene."

I thought "The final scene? What the heck?" Well, he was our camera man. It clicked then why Roy coughed. It was time to fire the DEMON up. The problem was I realized I didn't have any matches. I remembered seeing them long fireplace matches on the hearth and asked Sharon to get them for me. When she came back with them I was surprised to see those big beautiful brown eyes were shining and her headlights had come on strong. Roy noticed it too and he looked away embarrassed when I saw him checking them out. She asked me "Can I do it." Then softer "Please Chosen." She licked her lips and I realized I had gotten hard. That was strange.
"Sure" I told her.

She looked at the matches she had clutched in her hand and asked "How do I light them?" Thank HIM for Roy because I had no clue. He told her "Scrape it on the concrete honey." She tried and snapped the match in half. Roy took one gently from her hand and told her "Like this." He got it lit the first time, held it up to his lips and blew it out. "Thanks Roy." It took her two more matches before she got one lit. She tossed it into the pile of wood and we watched it go out.

"Hold on Sharon." Roy squatted down and scrapped some resin off the pine and rolled it into a ball. He flipped one of the split pieces of pine over so the sticky tree blood was under it and said "Light that." Then he very slowly came out of the squat. She tried it again and this time the resin flared up bright, clear, and strong.

It brought Tim back to us, that fire did. He lifted his head and told me "You don't have to do this."

"Yes I do."

He shook his head. "No you don't. I have a family. Please."

"Shut up and get ready to dance DEMON!" I told him.

He didn't say anything else until he began dancing. Yes, he danced. He howled. If I hadn't of stuck him in the thigh with SWORD his dancing and kicking might have been a problem but he was having a problem staying on his feet let alone kick. The last thing he said that I could understand was "What kind of God is yours!"

I told him "One of Vengeance!"

edited: changed the last line


  1. Negotiating all the way to the end. Everyone has a price and or a need to be found, right?

    We do what we know, way past the obvious end.

    This was murder of a "somebody". They are going to post evidence on U-Toob to show how to do it.

    The Machine has at least a lifetime stay in a Maximum Security mental hospital planned for all involved, with an unfair gunfight as the preferred end.

    Serious work of insurgency begins now. Small band vs. the combined/coordinated might of a dying empire with the bestest/mostest find-kill machine the world has ever seen.

    Survival for Cho' and tribe is not confrontation with the machine, it is ducking and running, evade and escape, rinse, repeat.

    Gotta lay in some funding along the way. Paypal is not the way. Islamic banking might work, if you can find a terminal and keep Cho' from talking. Send Rick with the video.


  2. I guess burning him was fun for all. At the same time, it's too much like what "The Burners" do (even if they only burn buildings, etc.)

    Much more efficient to use either sword or gun -- or a better gun than a cap and ball revolver. Heck black "demon guns" are really no different than older guns -- just more efficient. In addition, .223 ammo is all over the place.

    If that's too "modern" how about some Moisin-Nagant 7.62x54R rifles. Also available all over with lots of ammo spread out all over the country.

    I realize it's The Sword of Vengence, and all that -- but I'd guess that Chosen is not long for this world -- and those who take leadership roles after him will be no better than our current crop of Pastors, Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Rabbi's, Imans, etc.

    Dear God -- if there is a God -- please help our totally F'ed up world.

  3. Part of what I do for a living is computer forensics. I had to go through a machine from overseas that contained videos an images. Some of which was "Death porn."

    Very few times in my life have I run across something that so totally stuns me in its evilness that I have to stop working and leave. Just get outside and sit. For the rest of the day and onto the next I felt stained.

    The video I am talking about was an Islamic "Group" execution of a man. The sound he made as the bullet went into his head was indescribably sad. It was a sigh, a scream, and I am convinced it was also the sound of his soul being ripped out.

    In this story they burned Tim. Unbelievable? No. Maybe to Americans. Not to a lot of the rest of the world. Not to a historian. My prior research and writing was the history of the German Police in WWII. The savagery of civilized man when they believe what they are doing is right and necessary is beyond belief.

    In my writing I have purposely tried to refrain from the level of violence and depravity that would happen should events like this occur. God help us all if the world falls apart like I have written.

  4. Mine was Richard Grissom. I remember what he did to those women everyday. He won't tell us where they are.
    War is war, depravity is depravity, but in the end Evil is still evil. The fight only ends when we pass on. Then hopefully we see how good our fight was. Truly, God help us all.

    Jim in MO.

  5. Jim in MO,

    War is war, depravity is depravity, but in the end Evil is still evil. The fight only ends when we pass on. Then hopefully we see how good our fight was. Truly, God help us all.

    That is it. Maybe one of the truest comments ever posted here.