Friday, September 10, 2010

The Chosen - Part 8a - By Nova

Sharon rolled her eyes at my chicken request but nudged the box towards me."How was jail" she asked. "Fine. I wasn't there long. Can I use your fork?"  She looked taken aback. "You want to use my fork?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"No reason. Hang on. I'll get you a clean one."

She stopped as she passed Roy and asked him if he wanted a bucket to sit on.

"That would be good. Thank you."

I watched her walk away.  I looked away when she went around the corner and found both White Guys and Roy were staring at me. Short Haired White Guy had a faint smile. His buddy, if that's who he was, looked bored. Roy just looked tired. You want any chicken Roy?" He didn't want any. Instead he wandered off. Probably looking for the bathroom I thought. Every old person I ever knew, all three of them, had bad kidneys and had to pee all the time. So I asked Short Haired White Guy  "What's your name?"


 "Why are you here Rick?"

 "Because I saw the video on youtube and recognized Sharon when I saw her walking down the street yesterday. Because I live two houses down.  Because I have been unemployed for over 39 weeks." He stopped here and waited for a response from me. "What about you?" I asked the long haired version. He shrugged and said "Because..."

I thought about what he said and let it go. 

"What are you eating Rick?" I pointed at the box by him.

"Rice. It's all gone."  He added "I like your staff. Cool head."

I had propped STAFF against the wall behind me.  Having these things like STAFF and GUN was cool and HE gave them to me and all but I was having a problem getting comfortable with them.  "Yeah. I like it too. Roy added the head. HE gave me the staff."

Sharon was back and handed me a clean fork.  I said a prayer of thanks out loud and dug in. She had also set up a bucket for Roy to sit on. We were going to have to get some furniture it looked like.   She settled in and the BIG discussion began. I didn't say much about my adventures.  That was fine with everyone. Sharon and Rick filled the conversational hole for us.  At one point Sharon lit a candle which made the entire talking thing pretty cool for about ten minutes more than I could usually stand.  I noticed Roy was yawning.  Once he started I began which didn't pass unnoticed. Sharon saw me, laughed, and said "You want us to wrap it up Chosen?"

Before I could answer Rick jumped in with "But what are we going to do next? I mean I haven't heard a plan. I've got a few ideas that I would..."  I cut him off. "You want a plan? I don't do plans. HE does plans. We make them happen." I stood up and grabbed STAFF from where it was leaning against the wall.  You want a goal?  To return America to the rule of HE who knows.  To cleanse the land of of the parasites and all their work. To return to a sustainable lifestyle that doesn't kill the planet with poisons for profit.  To cut the head off every snake we find starting with the bankers."  All of a sudden I was tired. Really tired. So I said "Good Night" and left to see if I still had my sleeping bag.


  1. Chosens intelligence level seems to have taken a rapid and surprising jump up in the last paragraph. Perhaps it was really good chicken, that can do it. I think he has the right idea, on a good track. Off with the bankers heads, please do not forget politicians and lobbyists, etc etc etc..............
    Iam dog gone

  2. I see Chosen as a fader. By that I mean he can operate as a normal person at a high level but he can't hold on to it. He slips, and probably will slip even more into the other world as time progresses.

  3. Or C is naturally limited - unless C is operating with HIS spirit.

  4. Or C is naturally limited - unless C is operating with HIS spirit.

    Hmmmm....not bad. True I think too