Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Mover - Part 1A

I'm not the only one in DC that does this kind of work. Word gets around.  You learn what is expected by the client which is usually driven by the location. I work a certain type of area an income level. The lower the market value of house, the more blunt the methods and people.  I'm a niche player just like the marketing people suggest. It's easier and it fits me. That's probably how I ended up doing this. It didn't require any change on my part. I don't change who I am to please other people. That's one of my rules.

It may be conceit on my part but I like to think I am one of the classier players in my market. It helps to bring in the clients. I'm a Mover in what was the 700,000 to 1.5 million range of houses. What is classier? In my case it means I look like someone who bought a house in that price range and neighborhood.  I don't look like I fell off the stage or out of a video. No tat's, piercings, and the hair is kept corporate/military short and clean.  My ride fits the area's I work, usually a Lexus, or if I am going nondescript -- a BMW.  I dress corporate casual. Usually I have a phone clipped to my belt and a bogus but authentic looking corporate plastic ID hung on it to. 

That doesn't sound very intimidating does it? That's because I am not standing in front of you and focusing my attention exclusively on you.  You see I know I am insane and it does not take much effort on my part to convey that to others.  I call it dropping the mask. It's one of the reasons I wear sunglasses a lot. They help to keep the mask in place.

Usually I stay in my head and LOOK.  You see I know the End Times are here and I am glad.  Very glad indeed. I have a personal mission. I LOOK and I wait. I am not sure what it is but I know I will recognize it just as it will recognize me. I am so very, very angry about what has happened.  I try not to think about what makes me angry because just doing it makes me even angrier. Scary angry. Non functioning angry. Stupid angry.  One thing I am not is stupid.  Not anymore. I am going to hurt them. Yes I am.

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  1. 'focusing my attention on you'

    I love it. sight has weight and mass...a stare from some people can have the physical equivalence of a beat down from another person.

    Ha, being the aspie I am, eye-contact is difficult for me to maintain and is far down on my list of things that are enjoyable. Somewhere after a global pandemic i believe. :D