Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Mover - Part 2b

I walked through the parking lot.  I like doing that. If it was a public place that I had never been to I always made a point of doing a parking lot walk through. I would check the models and makes, look to see what was left out on the seats which was usually nothing of value, and just pick up a mental picture of the owners. Then I would project that to who I would see inside and do matches to the cars. Then later, if I had the time, and the inclination, I would stand around in front and see how well I had scored.

The problem lately was I wasn't doing as well as I had before.  The dying economy was messing my model up.  To many people in their heads were BMW drivers, and probably had been not that long ago, were driving cheap iron. They still hadn't shed the BMW aura and probably wouldn't. It's hard to stop being a total asshole.

My client was a BMW driver. A leased BMW of course.  An asshole most certainly. I spotted his ride. He needed to have it detailed but with his cash flow problems it was understandable why it had been awhile. God forbid he get his ass out on the asphalt and do it himself.  I did a quick Happy Face. No sense in getting tense and ripping his face off as soon as he opened his mouth.

I spotted him right away. He was in the cafe area of Barnes and Noble and sitting two tables down from a woman half his but totally in his class. He was on his cell, of course, and talking louder than he needed to. Of course he was really talking to two people. I circled around and thumbed through the bargain books and listened in.

Client. "Yes. That's what I said. I believe we can capitalize on the synergy of this merger and make some major bank."

A bit of a frown. He pulls the phone back from his ear and catches the blondes eye. He smiles a wry "Can you believe this?" smile.  She smiles back and then looks quickly down at the magazine she has spread out on the table. 

Client. "Look. Don't fuck this up. We're talking total market penetration here. I love to hear them squeal when we're done."  He snapped the phone shut and looked over again at the blonde.  He was going to make his move.  It was time for me to make mine.


  1. Oh I detest the client already. Good job with the pacing and setting.

  2. Pickupus interuptus by the dangerous man the client already forgot he summoned.