Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Mover - Part 6a

When I knocked on Fires door the next day it was like nothing had ever happened. Well, her face might take a while to heal up. I watched her to see if there was any change and if anything she was more affectionate with me than before.   She settled down on the couch, tried to give me a bright smile, winced a little, and said "So tell me. What's the plan?"

"First off we need a place. A big house. We will need to build bunk beds to fit everyone in. It will need to have classroom space, a meditation room, a gym, and a private office area for us.  Probably a garden in back.  Somewhere close in that people can get places without a car. Near a bike path would be very good."

She was nodding her head. She said "I like the idea of a garden. I could grow herbs and flowers." She paused and asked "But how are we going to afford this?"

I sighed and thought we were just starting to talk about planning a revolution and she had already gone off the rails about flowers and payment plans.  So I told her "We're going to buy it."

"Buy it?"

"Yes Fire. We're going to buy it. We'll make 3 payments and then stop paying. It will take the bank at least a year to get around to foreclosing. When they do we'll burn the place to the ground and move to another house. Fuck the banks."

She laughed, clapped her hands, and said "I like it. Tell me more!"

I told her what I thought about. Almost all it had come to me as I laid in bed stoned and staring at the ceiling last night. I wanted to recruit from the fresh homeless. Preferably people living in their cars. They would be saner, have transportation, yet desperate enough to be amenable to programming.  The part about being "amenable to programming" I didn't mention.  I also skipped that it would make it harder for the feds to infiltrate us.  Not much harder. They could and probably would squeeze someone through outstanding paper or payments.  I told her about how I wanted no computers, cell phones, or Apple products in the house. That kind of stunned her. She asked me "Nothing?" 

"Nothing." So I told her how a cell phone could be used to track you. How the speaker phone could be turned on so conversations could be monitored. That all of the devices were just electronic tethers and distraction machines.  She knew most of it. I didn't even bother to go into how PC's were monitored and how sending an unencrypted email was the same as a postcard. That printers, especially color ones, had secret registration numbers know to the government. She knew most of the cell phone stuff. If she knew that then she knew about PC's.

Then she told me about her dreams. How the world would learn to conserve energy. How she wanted to make cheap solar panels available to the poor and train them in installing them. How she wanted to start community gardens in our area and give the surplus to the poor. That if we could bring down the banks and force an economic reboot it would be better and fairer for all. I watched her talk, saw animated she became, how the color flooded into her face and her eyes came alive.  She really believed what she was saying.  Part of me wanted too. The problem was I knew how the feds would come down like a hammer eventually.  Hopefully I would be able to sidestep that and come out of this with enough money to be set for years. Besides, I hated all that electronic crap anyways.


  1. Of course the Government will come down on anyone who gets out of line like a hammer. As governments lose legitimacy they turn to force and terror, the feedback loop starts moving...

  2. I wonder if he manages to split before the B-52's hit the Burners toward the end of AA II.

    Despite his certainty that the Fed's will strike hard and given his skills and enthusiasms, it seems like he could easily become infatuated with the power that's available to accumulate before that time comes, and miss the proper moment to bail.

  3. Oh this is quite intruding. How will the Mover know when enough is enough. Ans the previous poster stated. Ideally we'd want the character to do everything right but that just does't happen. Also what is to say that it's is still his group at that time? We only know the story from the perspective of Gardner and he doesn't know everything. Me I'm looking forward to the birth of Freya. It may not be covered in this or it may get glossed over. Again just my train of thought.


  4. Bohica here,
    I'm looking forward to when he offends Night and she cuts him hip to hip and stands in his intestines as he dies.

  5. Yeah...I am still not sure where I am going with this yet but I have read some good ideas.