Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Mover - Part 5d

As soon as we left and got into Fires car, I mean as soon as I had the key in the ignition, I heard "So when were you planning on telling me these ideas of yours?" There was no mistaking the scorn, anger, and sarcasm behind that question either. I shut off the engine and turned in my seat to look at her her. She was staring straight ahead, her face set in an ugly mask of anger.

I punched upside the head as hard as I could which wasn't anywhere near as hard as I wanted to due to the shitty angle and lack of space.  It was still hard enough to bounce her head off the glass of the passenger side window. It didn't crack the glass but it shattered her mask. She was lucky it did. I would have kept hitting her until it was gone.

I hissed "Don't. Ever. Get. An. Attitude. With. Me. Ever." She was moaning and rubbing the side of her face. I stared at her. Waiting for a response. She mumbled "Sorry" and then even softer mumbled something I couldn't hear.

"What did you say?" I kept my voice light and calm. I smiled at her.

She yelled "You fucking asshole!"

I hit her again. She may have been expecting it but she wasn't fast enough. I listened to her moan "Oh Jesus..." I waited to see if she had anything else to say. She didn't.  So I asked her "Do you understand where I'm coming from now?"

She nodded her head.  Her nose was bleeding. 

I didn't hear you."

"Yes...I'm sorry."

I laughed, made a Happy Face, turned the key and pulled out on to the road. I told her "I know you are." Then I took her hand and put it on the bulge in my pants. "Take care of that for me will 'ya."


  1. Yechh. I changed my mind - I hate this guy.

  2. It takes a broken soul to want to burn the world to ashes.

  3. Yeah. He has issues... Never know who he might run into...

  4. A gunslinger and some dogs?

  5. nova, that was my thought exactly. Gardener would not tolerate this guy, nor would Night.

  6. Mike In Long IslandJuly 28, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    Yeah. He has issues... Never know who he might run into...

    Damn you nova. I need to get work done. Great writing - you have a talent for weaving those loose threads back into the fabric of the story. Will the mover become Gardner's first? (ie: young boy, wooded area, Gardner with the trowel?)

    Mike In Long Island