Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Mover - Part 6

We headed back to her place. We made good time.  I may have driven a little bit faster than usual the last few miles. When we got to her place she hesitated at getting out an asked me if I was going to come up.  I told her her "No. I have things to do. I'll be by tomorrow morning." I smiled and told her  "We got plans to make an a revolution to start."   She liked that. Her face brightened momentarily then dimmed as she realized I really wasn't coming up.  I got out, tossed her the car keys, and began walking.  As soon as I did I heard her call out "You know you never have told me where you live."  I didn't answer. I just kept walking.

I decided to spend the night at my room in the stoners basement.  I didn't feel like being close to Fire. A block was too close the way I felt now.  I felt good. Empty.  I took the bus down Route 7. There were less people on it than usual lately. The ones that were on it were a lot more sullen and tired looking. The increase in bus fare had thinned some of them out. There were a lot less Mexicans too lately. No jobs anymore so they must have gone back home. Probably driving a new Ford F-150 across the border too. "Good for them" I thought. Fuck the car companies and the banks that made the loans.

As I walked up to the house I saw the stoner male was out in the front yard puttering around his herb garden by the front door.  He saw me coming, raised a hand, and yelled out "Just the man I wanted to see!"  I changed direction so I could find out what he wanted.  I was hoping he was going to invite me to dinner.  I was hungry.

Instead he told me "Hey! Your looking good." He laughed like he knew something.  He was always trying to find out about my sex life when stoner woman wasn't around. The man had young pussy on his mind 24/7 and loved talking about the days when he actually could get some. That was a long time ago.

I told him "Yeah. Everything is groovy." I always said that when I was around them. Him and stoner woman always cracked up when I did.  He laughed. "Yeah. Look... I got some bad news for you.  We got a problem." He was looking down at a sprig of Thyme he had in his hand. He had bruised it and the smell floated between us.  "My son, from my first marriage, well, he got laid off a while ago.  His wife, she got laid off from the County a couple of months ago.  Anyways..." He paused. I knew where this was going but I waited. "Well, they need a place to stay and they got four kids, two from her prior marriage...anyway they need a place to stay and..."  I finished it for him "So when do you want me out?"

"Yeah. That's pretty much it." He looked up at me, "The end of the month. If you got problems finding a place right away I am sure we could work something out..."

"Naw. I'm good." I slapped him on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it."  He actually looked kind of depressed that I was going.   It was probably the lack of income or he was thinking about life wife four kids was going to be like."  He perked up "Hey I got some primo weed in.  Let me turn you on to some as a going away present." 

"Hell. Let's try it out." I told him. He was already stoned but he had no problem with getting more stoned.

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