Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mover - Part 4

I wanted our first action to be something small but visual.  Safe in reality but on the playback would look like we were storming the Fed. That was actually suggested by Gene.  We were back in the basement  kicking around ideas.  I already had a plan but I wanted to listen to their ideas, belittle them, and then present mine which would then be adopted for use. 

Gene was busting to tell us his plan. "Let's hold a demonstration at the Fed. Get the people psyched up and charge the main doors!"  He had more to say but I cut him off. "Gene. You going to lead this charge?" I asked him casually.

"Ah...well..."  He actually looked pissed that I asked and put him on the spot. I knew why. In his mind it would be me leading the charge.  Gene would probably be looking on from afar.  Lending support of course. After all I was the "violence" guy. 

"You do know that the Fed probably has as good as security as the FUCKING WHITE HOUSE!" Yes I yelled the last three words.  "First off, right now I doubt if more than 20 people would show up for it. Second of all at least half of that 20 would be employees of Homeland Security. Third. Your lily White ass would be in DC Jail by the end of the day.  DC Jail does not have air conditioning. It is not a motel. You would have roommates. You would not like that.  He shut up and sat back.

Every one else had the same kind of plans. All of them involved burning something.  All of them were to happen in front of high profile and symbolic buildings in the area.  All of them were pretty fucking stupid. 
So I explained to them the difference between hard and soft targets.  I emphasized we wanted propaganda only. We didn't want to kill anyone. We didn't want to get killed or arrested.  We just wanted a nice video that might go viral.  I had already explained this to Anna who was disappointed at first but realized there would be bigger and better further down the road. The rest seemed relieved.  I was not surprised. 

My plan was to find a bank, a standalone in a strip shopping center that was mostly vacant.  Toss a Molotov against the ATM after spray painting the wall with something like "BANKERS MUST BURN!"  I was going to let the group figure what should be sprayed on the wall.  That way everyone would feel like they had a piece of the plan.  Then add a soundtrack.  I was thinking off having Windsong an Anna dance topless around the fire screaming.  That would about guarantee it going viral. 

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