Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mover - Part 4a

I noticed that when I mentioned the topless part Windsong and Anna didn't flinch.  They just checked each others rack to see how they stacked up.  "Jesus" I thought "Women too?"   Oh well.  Tina got all pissed because I forgot to mention her name. She got up, yanked up her shirt, and let the twins loose. "What's a matter with these?" I apologized and added her to the dancers.  Hell, we could cover the Chubby Chaser demographic too.

The other thing we decided on was our new names. Anna thought we should all have "Comrade" names. She didn't put it that way but that was how I translated it.  She was right. When I was doing renditions for the State Department all the big boys had nicknames.  I didn't mention they were earned and not given.  Anna's  point was if we were going to be big time revolutionaries then we didn't want to use our real names.  It was the way it was done. Left unsaid be me was the feds probably already knew them. At least it would help Gene's Mom from finding out what mischief her boy had been up to. At least until Homeland Security came knocking on her door.

I choose "The Mover."  Now I would be moving bankers instead of deadbeats.  Gene AKA Eugene Wasserman wanted to be called "The Thrill."  When we stopped laughing and he stopped sulking about it he suggested "Eye."  We were okay with that. Windsong stayed with Windsong.  Not a surprise there.  Anna went with "Fire."  That pissed Windsong off but there wasn't much she could say without looking like an ass. Tina, the fat girl, choose "Suck."  Yeah. She had some issues.  Everybody was beaming and calling each other by their names. Of course Gene had fun with Tina's choice.  I was getting ready to smack him upside the head if he pointed at her one more time and said "You Suck."  Instead she did. He shut up.

Then we planned our "Op."  I think they loved that word as much as their new names.  They sure as hell worked into the conversation enough.  The planning was pretty simple. I already knew the banks location.  I told them I would bring the Molotov. Eye would handle the video.  The girls would dance. I told Suck she would be doing the spray painting of the graffiti.  She liked that and quit glaring at me.  I told them we would meet in the parking lot at 0300 tomorrow. Then I had to explain what time was and "Yes. That was really tonight."  They were taken aback by that.  I ignored it.  I just said "The time for talk is over. If you can't handle it then don't be there."  Then Anna and I left. 


  1. Very believable. I ran across people like this in the '70's,but the folks playing mover's part were agents provocateur. Not being given to this form of idiocy I went to see a man about a dog and never came back.

  2. but the folks playing mover's part were agents provocateur

    As is so often the case. Most of the fringe outfits would go out of business if it weren't for FBI "funding".

  3. Dragonslayers need trained dragons or they get cut off from the public teat. Every once in a great while a real dragon comes to town and burns things. The Mover is for real - the alphabet agencies are going to soil themselves as it picks up velocity.

  4. It was axiomatic in the anti-war days that you could identify the infiltrators because they were the ones who suggested blowing things up.
    Or so I've been told.