Monday, July 19, 2010

The Mover - Part 3

I had gone by Enrico's a couple of days later.  They were empty which was not surprising. I usually ate lunch around 14:00 to avoid the lunch crowd.  Anna was happy to see me and her Stepfather came out to say "Hello" too. When she brought out my lunch she told me with a big smile "It's on the house and will be as long as there is a house."

Then she did something unusual. She slid in the booth across from me and smiled again. This time with a little less self assurance.  I looked at her then went back to chewing.  She didn't say anything so I asked her the question as I had a pretty good idea what this was about. "So the meat still in the freezer?"   She looked startled then laughed. I liked her laugh. I had never heard it before.  When she stopped laughing she told me "No. Stepfather took care of it." She arched an eyebrow an added "Stepfather knows how to use a cleaver."  I couldn't help it. I looked down at my chicken.  She saw it and laughed again.  "No. No. It's taken care of. That's all I know and want to know." Then she blurted out "I want to cook you dinner tomorrow night. You can come by my place." She paused, then added "I don't eat meat."

"Okay. Fine. What time and where?"

She pulled out her order pad, wrote rapidly, and then handed it to me.  I looked at it, she lived in the same apartment complex I did behind the restaurant. She was just one block over. "No problem" I told her. Then I went back to work on the french fries.  She sat there for a couple minutes, got the hint, and got up.  She paused after she stood up and told me "I'm looking forward to it." I nodded and kept eating.  I watched her walk away and wondered if I was up to this.  It had been five years since the last time I had been with a woman.  "Yeah" I thought "I might as well. Who knows?"


  1. hmmm. why do i smell brimstone?

    rolling nicely nova.


  2. Hey uce!

    Yeah. This is going a little different then what I had expected.