Friday, July 16, 2010

The Mover - Part 2e

He tried replying out of the side of his mouth back. He wasn't very good at it. "So where are they?" We were almost to his car. I told him "Pop the trunk. Let's go around and pretend we are looking at something inside of it. The open trunk will deflect any surveillance devices."

He popped the trunk remotely along with the doors and we walked around to the back. We stood their with it up and he whispered "So what do we do now?" I adjusted my stance and punched him in the middle of the back driving him forward and then shoving him so he fell forward into the trunk. I looked casually around and saw no one. Life is good sometimes. Then I slammed the trunk on him.  Not once but three times in quick succession. I knew that hurt. He told me so.

The nice thing about using this particular method was the trunk muffled his screams. Especially when I closed it. I let the lid pop open and looked in on him. He was sobbing.  Not crying. Sobbing.  He was trying to tell me something but he wasn't enunciating clearly.   It wasn't important anyway. I reached in and took his keys from where they had fallen.  I straightened up to the sound of high heels clicking towards us.

It was the Blond. She stiffened and her stride changed, then she semi relaxed as she recognized me.  That changed when she saw Tony's feet hanging out and heard the sobbing.  Her eyes widened a bit and she changed course with out a seconds hesitation. She had her cell phone in her hand. She wasn't stupid. She saw me glance at it and then her and she said "I don't care. I don't care." Then the staccato click of heels accelerated.  "Fine" I thought. I dangled the keys in the air and told her departing back "I was just helping him find these."  She just kept going. I watched her for a couple of beats and thought "Nice ass." Then I slammed the trunk lid down on him again and laughed.

She flew out of the parking lot. I was sure I saw her on the cellphone.  Not a surprise there.  I wasn't worried. After the last budget cut Fairfax County Police had publicly stated that their response time to minor offenses would be taking a hit. They might roll on the call...they might not.  I opened the trunk and said "Hey Tony. Can you hear me?" He quit whimpering enough to mutter/mumble something that sounded a lot like "Motherfucker." I didn't take offense.  Pain makes everyone grouchy.

"Just nod if you can hear me." I waited patiently a couple of beats and then added "Or I slam the trunk lid."  He nodded. So I told him "I find out those people were forced out because of you then I am going to come find you and you won't like that."

He replied with something that sounded a lot like "Oh Jesus...awshit...." trailing off to a keening moan.

I sighed. "Okay. I'm glad we understand each other." Then I grabbed his legs and tossed them in the truck with the rest of him. That got the loudest scream yet. I slammed the trunk shut and hit the locks.  I knew he would probably find his way out. Failing that somebody would let him out.  I walked away and about five minutes later tossed the keys down a sewer. I realized as I walked that I needed to find another way of making off the books cash. Or find a hobby.


  1. I like the story. I did see one typo--their instead of there and I wondered if, when you typed annunciate, if you meant enunciate. I looked up annunciate & the definition given was "announce."

  2. To and too as well.It does not detract from the story. Thanks Nova!

  3. This guy is starting to make G look like a pacifist. I love him and fear him at the same time. Great sequence today!

  4. Aloha Nova!
    Glad to see you back in action with your batteries recharged. I stopped in last night and said Whoa,you ARE back-and busy too, lol!
    I'm cool with the different scenery- It's the content that counts and it is spot on. You continue to stimulate the interests- as myself and others have said (so THANKS!)
    I was giggling when you said you thought maybe being G-less you lost some people... No Way! If you did, weeeell, tis too bad but obviously their loss. Ya gotta follow your muse!
    rsj was creeping me out with that shark reflection back a couple posts- I hate deep marine for exactly that reason (freshwater doesn't bother me).
    Oh and not least- A Publisher?! Oh happy day for ya- I hope it is everything it should be, Congratulations! Is the deal bagged yet or still negotiating?
    Last question: Did you say yah, this is the dogfood Dalton or someone else with th esame name(or not sure yet is maybe a safer answer.) Just Curious,hahaha.
    That's enough from moi- Rock on, mi amigo!

  5. Hi all,


    The errors = first draft.

    Yeah. I liked the shark, deep sea analogy too. Every time I go to the beach I think about that.

    The publisher is a done deal. What happens next? I am still waiting to hear.

    Dalton? The same? We shall see.

    Oh. I posted some fotos from the Tower in London on facebook. The ravens, and armor. Also an altar from Italy. It has the bull carved on it for Mithras I believe.

    I need to add the knight in armor on an armored horse foto. That time periods version of a M1A1 tank.

    Italy was interesting. A lot of old doomsteads.

  6. This guy just got a lot more interesting. Good job, Nova!