Monday, July 12, 2010

The Mover - Part 1e

I had a feeling that my lunch was going to be interrupted by these pinheads. Anna had brought me my silverware wrapped up in a napkin along with my Dr. Pepper.  I set the silverware wrapped in a napkin in the center of the table and played Spin the Silverware.  That got boring really quick so I decided to consult the gods and goddesses. I set the silverware in front of me again and said to myself "Oh great god and goddess of cutlery please point up for yes and down for no.  Am I going to have to hurt these pinheads?"  I spun it and got a "Yes."  "Hmmmm" I thought "About what I expected but who can trust just one spin? I mean it could have been a fluke or maybe they had some other pinheads in mind. Deep are the mysteries of the universe.  So I spun them again.  Then again. Three "Yes's."  Well hard to argue with that. I thought "Maybe I should ask for her to box it up to go." The decision was made for me.

Anna came back out of the kitchen with my lunch. She made sure she kept the row of tables going down the center between her and the pinheads.  I watched her approach. She was smiling but she wasn't fooling me. The pinheads were upset and voicing it.  I heard "Hey What the fuck is up with that? We were here first!" They were staring at us while she set my plate down. She gave me a quick tight lipped smile and muttered "I'll be back after I feed these assholes."

I reached out and touched her quickly and then pulled my hand away just as quickly when I saw her reaction.  I told her "It's okay. Don't worry."  She just shook her head and headed back to the kitchen. The pinhead with his back to me yelled after her "You're hot mami!  The one facing me yelled "You got a problem?" I shook my head "No" and ripped into my chicken.  Anna had remembered to bring extra of the hot green jalapeno and mayo sauce that I loved.  I ate fast.  I figured the pinheads had maybe five minutes to live and I wanted to send them on their way and not have to feel hungry thirty minutes later.


  1. Glad to have you back and congratulations on the publishing deal! (I'm catching up....)

    Re: The Mover. This guy is pretty interesting. Is he going to be more of a professional hitter?

  2. Hey D^2,

    I don't know. I am going to try and make this the Burner Chronicles.

  3. Nova,in this new chronicle it is easier to see the improvement in your writing. Nice Stuff!

  4. Enjoying it as always nova. Thanks for the stories.