Friday, July 23, 2010

The Mover - Part 4c

Everyone was on time. That was amazing.  BIC arrived with Windsong. That was not surprising.  Also what was not surprising was everyone but me an Anna had arrived dressed in black.  It was kind of funny actually. They looked like a troop of mimes.  I was wearing a blue shirt with dark gray pants. Anna was wearing a red dress because I had suggested it. Red works as camo at night and it fit with the theme.  She liked it because it set off her hair and it was a revolutionary color. Revolutionary yes, the right century? That I wasn't too sure about.

 What was also funny was Windsongs face when she saw Fire in the red dress.  She was pissed and kicking herself for not thinking about it.  You couldn't tell it by how she an Anna greeted each other tho.  I went to greet Suck who arrived alone.  It wasn't hard to recgognize her car out as it was covered with bumper stickers that proclaimed how enlightened and radical she was.  What did surprise me an everyone else is she had driven here topless.

She was grinning an announced loudly "Nobodies on the road and I wanted to get into the mood!"  Then dhe cupped the twins, danced a jig, and then took the support away and let them move on their own.  Eye had arrived, dressed in black, and I noticed he was quick to get the cam up and get her on it's hard drive. She was obviously high.  BIC was passing out joints and told everyone he had beer on ice in the backseat of his car.  I smiled at Fire and said "Lets get the party started."

Suck gave me a big hug when I greeted her.  No silicone in the twins. They pancaked.  "I asked her "Did you bring the spray paint?"

"Yes I did. Should I get it?"

"Yeah. We need to get moving."

She had actually brought it.  I was amazed.  I went over to the wall and visualized the slogan and where the fire should burn.  I was also watching Windsong and Fire out of the corner of my eye stand around trying to be nonchalant about being half naked and pulling it off rather well. Both had stripped to nothing but their butt floss panties.  Both I noticed had managed wore red ones. 

Suck walked up to me shaking the spray paint can. "I was thinking Gothic script. What do you think?"  I looked at her. She wasn't kidding.  "No. Too hard to read for the older viewers. Just go with the standard."

She smiled a huge smile at me.  "This so exciting!"

"Yeah. Well do your thing so I can do mine" Then I slapped her ass hard and walked away with her delighted squeal echoing across the parking lot.  I noticed the old man had moved his car closer to us. Yeah. He wasn't dead and the show was already pretty good.

I got the Molotov out of the car and when I came back BIC was waiting for me.  He handed me a beer, looked at the Molotov and asked me "Need any help?"

"Yeah. Actually I do." I took a long pull on the beer and set it down away from my feet.  I handed him a book of kitchen matches and told him "I'll hold it. I want you to stand behind me and light it."

We both admired what Suck had painted. "BANKERS MUST BURN!" in red of course.

 BIC asked me "Sooo. You going for the ATM?"

"No. Off the side just a little.  I want them to see it as the fire burns."

"Cool." He stepped behind me and said "Ready."

I held it back behind me and heard a kitchen match strike followed by "Shit. Hold on."  Another match was struck and he yelled "Go!"

I tossed it overhand. It arced perfectly and exploded against the brick wall.  It was beautiful.  Suck had  turned on her car stereo and the music was pumping out through her open windows.  The bass was bone deep and coming from the trunk.  It was perfect.

BIC stood next to me and we watched as the girls began dancing, shaking and laughing.  "So what do you think Mover?"

"I think we should get them to rub down with baby oil first.  That would look nice against the fire."

He nodded his head. "Yeah. I think you're right.  I also think we are all going to get laid tonight."

I laughed and let that stand as an answer.

"So what do you think Mover." He wasn't looking at me. "Who's got the best tits?"

The reality was Moonsong did but I knew better than to say that. BIC would be whispering that to her within 15 minutes of us all leaving. She would then find some way to let Anna know. Then I would have her pissed off at me.

"Got to be Fire."

He grinned "Smart man.  What do you think? We got a hit on our hands?"

I watched them. The fire was already burning out.  I was going to have to go with jellied gas next time.  "BIC. I think we are going worldwide."

Eye had the video on the NET an hour later. He blocked the women's faces out.  An hour and twenty minutes later BIC's blog host server went down due to the traffic spike. We watched the hit count rise on YouTube like it was the national debt.  We were worldwide.  It became known as the Burner video.



  1. sir,
    glad you are safely back. will try to make a point here. You are on the right track with MOVER. That is, CURRENT events, today, ie how it is perhaps going down today, tomorrow, the next day, is the thang most revelent. Much as I love gardener and MAX , they are so far into the future that they read as SF or worse, Fantasy. What we need is input into how it is /may go down in the next day, week at most month. In other words, keep the focus on what is going on NOW. Ain't there some totally weird shit goin on right now? You , sir, are a lense. Maintain your focus on today.Gardener, MAX and the whole nordic whatever is really interesting, but, can't compete with the intensity of TODAY. You bring a unique outlook. Shine your light on what is going on NOW. Thank you, WE


    "Today, 10,000 people make 30% of the total income in the United States each year.

    That leaves 70% of the pie for the remaining 99.99% of us to divide up.

    The reality is that however you want to slice it, the U.S. economic system is broken. However, considering the fact that America's ruling class has a stranglehold on both major political parties, we are not likely to see any fundamental changes any time soon."

    We are not likely to see any fundamental changes MADE THROUGH THE BALLOT BOX any time soon.

    NOW is much more terrifying than the post-gasoline/coffee apocalypse. We still have LOTS to lose, and I mean a nice or pretty decent LIFESTYLE. There are 1 in 45 women who can deal with regular non-RV camping, but your average American girl is very unhappy on day3 of a 10-miles-per-day live-from-pack hiking trip (casually easy, half-speed!), even when everything is going as planned (no blisters).

    Clean running water, refrigeration (cold beer), air conditioning, no vermin living with you, antibiotics, and reliable electricity are very nice, probably worth killing for (at least in retrospect, when they are really and permanently gone).

    Burners or something like them could have a following of full-time minimum-wage workers who depend on food stamps (now credit-card-shaped digital cash card) and State medical "health plan" to keep the wolf at bay. A 25 year old high school graduate who planned to go to college (not get into some hard-work/high-pay unionized trade) is so much debris to the job market, with some "management training" and "people skills". The question asked at the hiring interview is "can you pull espresso and wash dishes while looking cool?"

    Thanks for the Mover. I know that we've walked past each other on the sidewalk, silently. Neither of us had business with the other.


  3. I agree with the above posters. Mover is great, and much more relevant to today.
    Where are the Burners for real? Will they come out of the closet? I hope so in a way, the banksters have killed us all, and deserve to BURN BABY BURN.
    If we all have to go down due to peak oil, resource depletion, and if it is the elite's plan to depopulate the Earth, I say begin it with The ELITES.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Yeah. Interesting times.

    Going to get more interesting too

  5. The scary part about G and Max is... they are NOT so far into the future. It's literally just right around the corner, one misstep by the jugglers of debt and the whole illusion falls apart.

    In the main AA story, there's been only one winter right? so at most the 'current' events of the most recent AA story is only 2 years out from the event horizon.

  6. NMD,

    Two winters I believe...The Mover is taking place about when things begin to fall apart a bit. Right before the Zones begin...

    I am going to have to do a timeline one of these days.