Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Mover - Part 6d

While we were waiting to close on the house I somewhat reluctantly began planning my search for followers. Especially after BIC announced he was going to California to organize and promote a burning there.  He was talking Windsong with him.  I was surprised when he told us his travel plans.  I asked him "Let me get this straight.  You're going to fly out to California, do a speech, have a band play, then go burn down the local banks?"

He grinned. "It's in LA."

"Yes. That is in California. That doesn't answer the question BIC."

"Well, we are going to burn a Banker in effigy. I was told there are a number of bank branches near where we are doing the show so if things get out of hand..." He shrugged an added "Shit happens."   

He was high just from the idea of being invited. I'd never heard of the band but that didn't mean anything.  I was probably the most ignorant person in the room when it came to music.  What I did realize was that I needed to produce and soon.

I left early the next morning to begin spreading the word of Burner.  At the very least it would give me an idea of what the area around the new house was like and a feel for what people were  thinking.  Hell, it had occurred to me this might be just a lot of stoner bullshit and I was a fool for thinking it would ever go anywhere.

At the last minute I decided to bring my Glock.  I didn't have a concealed carry license but I didn't think I would need it.  I was never a weapons freak like a lot of the people I had worked with at the State Department were.  They were just tools to me. I had never fired a weapon in anger either. My feeling was if you had to point a gun and pull a trigger your Op was already fucked up beyond belief. Mine were always clean and well planned ones. Yeah sure. There had been gunfire a couple times but that was by people who were doing their job.  I had expected it and planned for it.  The only reason I decided to carry it was the realization that the people I was going to be running into might be a little crazy.  I didn't like crazy people. They were unpredictable.

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