Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mover - Part 7a

I hit the Car People lot and it was weird. Very weird. I had expected them to be up and moving. Some were. Some weren't. I was getting flashbacks to third world villages I had passed thru. The smell was almost right. It didn't have the animal stink and cluck. It did have the dogs but even those weren't right.  They didn't have that beaten, mangy, one step from the stew pot look.  They looked happy and fluffy.  Not much meat on their bones tho. Probably a decent chicken dinner. If anything they looked happier than the kids which was understandable.

As I walked up some woman was yelling at an old man "God Damnit! Go piss out by the pines! My kid plays over there!" He was pissing on a flowerbed about ten steps from a Ford Taurus. The drivers side mirror had been duct taped in place and there was a faded University of Virginia sticker on the bumper. He grinned in her direction sheepishly and finished up.  I decided to talk to him first. Get warmed up on him before I talked to someone who might be of real use.

I greeted him with a "Hey there!" and moved to intercept him before he could get back in his car. He looked taken aback by my greeting and wary of my approach.  I caught up to him and I said "Hey" again and stopped. He responded politely "Can I help you?"  He didn't offer to shake hands an neither did I for the same reason I never ate bar finger food. 

"So what's up? I thought you all had to move because of security?" I waved my hand to indicate the parking lot in general.

"No. They gave up last week. No more people coming to work here so why bother."  He spat on the asphalt and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand when he was done.

" what did you do before you ended up here?"

He looked at me. Looked around the lot and then back at me and said "Fuck you."  Then he walked away.

"Well, that went well." I thought.

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  1. "Eff-you". What mortgage brokers and real estate speculators who now live in their car say when you ask about their past illustrious careers.

    A used car salesman could be really useful to the Burner cause. Tell us about how you made 6 figures through the 1980's and sold 1700 cars during the 90 days of Cash for Clunkers. Now that was some serious money right before the end, almost enough to get current on the rental houses bought in 2007.