Friday, July 9, 2010

The Mover

My job title is "Mover." My job description? I move people out of where they live. Always for a fee. The reason is usually not that important. At least to me. I listen politely when who ever hires me tells me the "Why."  Rather I attempt too. Usually it's self serving drivel that makes me want to hurt the speaker about two thirds of the way through. I try to mask that most times. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don't. When I don't they tend to wind it up faster. Unless they are idiots.  There is a lot of idiots in this world.  That was never a surprise to me. What was surprising was finding out how many of them have money. 

The people I move don't usually want to move. That's their problem. Usually, not always, but usually, they are squatters or something close to that who have pissed off their neighbors enough to hire someone like me.  Sometimes it not the neighbors. It's a representative of some company,  a company far downstream of the one who wants it done. Most of the time they are buying my reputation for success. They are careful not to suggest how I do it. There are still laws and a legal system.  Not much of one but it's still out there. Sometimes I think it's more memory than reality these days.

Why do I say that? Because of the shit I and the people I work for get away with. Thats why. I also know that is just the tip of the iceberg too.  I don't kid myself. I'm not the biggest predator out here by any means. Some of what I hear and see tell me that there are some serious monsters out there ripping chunks of flesh off the animal we called "community" and "nation" in school. Do I care? Sometimes.

Most of the time I am just trying to make it. I may not buy into the illusion that everything is going to get better.  I see what happens in the shadows better than most. Does that make me better? I don't think so. You see even I don't like looking to deep in the shadows myself. There is some scary shit mutating out here. I just want to avoid it. I don't want to draw its attention. I know if there is people like me for hire than there has to be people who "Move" people like me out there too.


  1. Hi Steve,

    It's good to have you back! I hope that seeing Europe gives a few ideas on how a slow and somewhat-organized financial collapse works (if you got to Greece, Ireland, or Spain). Curiously, the sun still shines, beers brews, and firewood can still heat the house, even without credit.


  2. Hi,

    It is good to be back. Real good. We were in London then No. Italy. I saw some great armor and swords.

    Yep. Life goes on until the villagers hear the drumbeat of the horses hooves.

  3. Welcome back! We missed you!! Or at least I missed you, and I feel confident that all your fans like your writing as much as I do, and therefore must have missed you also.

    Glad you had a super experience and trip, and that nothing hinky happened.

    On a different note: what is the general timbre and pitch of the crowd over there? Is it different in UK vs. Italy? What is the street talk over there about the USA?

    I'm sure you've noticed that the UK Guardian, FT and such have higher 'content to fluff ratios' than we get here from the MSM.

  4. Hi Zapo,

    The UK, at least London, in the city, was not what I expected. London has to be the least favorite city I have visited in that part of the world. The best way to describe it is 1/3 really great Renaissance Fair and 2/3 West VA armpit.

    Italy was very nice. Ahead of the US in recycling and house design. The shutters are a great idea for the windows as is the thick walls. Italy also produces a lot of clothes, shoes, food, cars in the country.

    Venice was amazing. Stumbled on Harrys Bar where Hemingway hung out. Verona with its 2000 year old arena was cool. Went to the amphitheater, which was hosting a jazz concert, Chick Corea. It was part archaeological dig, part ancient Christian church, part Roman temple. They had an altar behind the amphitheater that had a bull carved on it.

    Went to Stonehenge on the Solstice. That was cool.

    No, nothing really about America. The International Hearld Tribune is a great paper but I tried to stay away from the news. Nor did I try and talk about it with people.

    London has almost 0 bookstores now. Verona had 6. That told me a lot.

  5. "Mover" looks good. A partner I used to ride with went to work for the county as a process server after we retired. He quit the first day when he was told to evict/move a family out of their house. He nearly spent some time in jail for what he called the judge.

    Glad your back and that you enjoyed your time in Italy. Did you see Sicily?

    Jim in MO.

  6. Hey Jim,

    Yeah. Judges are real big on respect, decorum and wearing a tie.

    Nope. No Sicily.That would be a trip in itself I think. Just the Veneto area.

  7. Welcome back and welcome home Steve.

    Like all above I missed you. I am glad you had a good trip.

    Wow, london has stooped as low as WV Armpit? so dickens would be right at home then, minus the tech?

    I am catching up on the mover....I like it.

    Dont know if you want it but here is a link you may enjoy periodically

    Chicago cop blogging. It will definitely give you a feel for the current de-policing, corruption and fiscal derailment happening.

    It seems to be a good vibe-fit because of the receding ability of the law and police to uphold civil order and justice.
    The anguish and rage can be pretty raw and in your face and at times vile in the is a place where the CPD go to vent.

    then again, chicago is surreal in its levels of corruption, vote buying and violence. I have fallen in love with chicago watching. Makes sense though, it is the machine that made obama.

  8. Welcome back. Glad all went well and everyone is safely home.
    Congrats on having a publisher.

    And Thanks for another story! Yippeee!