Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Mover - Part 4b

Anna and I pulled into the parking lot at 02:30 and parked.  The bank was a branch of Wells Fargo. While they not the evilest bank in the universe they did have a lot of bad home loans.  A lot. That meant foreclosures an unhappy Americans.  Angry Americans.  Our audience.  We were going to have to make sure we got their logo in the opening shot. Eye was running the video. I was tossing the Molotov. The women would dance.  BIC was going to join us. He would help me watch the women dance. 

Driving over here Anna had asked me "Do you think I should do, oh like a choreographed routine or something?"

I had no clue what she was talking about so I replied "Huh?"

 "For the fire. You know."

I got it. "No. I would be spontaneous.  Just shake them and skip around the place. Imagine a 16 year old watching you in his bedroom with the door shut."

She laughed. "Yeah. I think I can actually picture that. Yeah. I got it."

I got there early because I wanted to see if there were any possible problems in the parking lot. I was driving Anna's car. A Toyota Corolla that was 12 years old and after a quick check I agreed with her that it was good for another 10 years. I didn't think she would still be driving it then but I didn't really want to go there.  Why bother? She was excited and  happy. Me telling her that her future probably included a Supermax, probably the Florence Colorado, would just be rain on her parade. I had turned off the house lights inside the car. Anna had watched me an asked what I was doing. I told her "We don't want a light to go on when we open the car door."  Pretty much common sense but she was surprised. 

There was nothing in the lot to worry about. A couple of abandoned cars was it.  Off to the far end of the lot was a car that an older white male was living in.  I saw him about the same time he saw me. He had his windows down and the passenger seat almost completely laid back for his bed. The back seat was full except for where he had made space for the seat to drop down. He didn't move. He spoke to me through the open window "Whatcha doing?"

I stopped, looked at him, and said "Looking for cops or wingnuts."

"No cops here. Sometimes around six in the morning you might see one cruise through. Plenty of wingnuts in the woods tho."

"Okay. Thanks." I was moving on when he caught me up with "Why you worried about cops?"

"Because we're going to burn down the bank over there."

"Okay. Sounds good to me. Bankers are assholes." I nodded and walked away.  Behind me I heard him mutter "Fucking bankers. Serves them right." Then he wheezed a smokers laugh.


  1. I like this story, feels more local. =) California is home for two more weeks.

  2. Hey NMD, Yeah. It's local for me too. :)

    bobn...why thanks

  3. "Chicks up front!" The more things change...