Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Mover - Part 5

I convinced Fire that we needed a meeting. All of us.  She wasn't hard to convince. She liked meetings. BIC hated them unless they were about him and he got to do all the talking.  I also drew Windsong aside and told her the same thing. Between the two of them it was more  likely to actually happen as they both had BIC's ear at this point. I told them I wanted to talk about security and ops.  I actually wanted to talk about a lot more.  I kept it vague because everyone was flying high from the success of the video. What I had to say was going to put a bit of a damper on it. 

The other problem with us all getting together is some of us actually worked. Fire was still working at the chicken place. Eye worked for Microcenter as an aisle wander.  He wandered the aisles and helped customers figure out what piece of hardware they needed to buy.  He told me he wasn't sure how long he was going to be employed. I asked him "Why?"

"Because we have more employees on the floor than we do buyers. It's actually getting kind of boring. No hotties anymore. Just fat old unemployed White dudes trying to buy equipment for their new companies."

"Who the hell is starting companies these days?" I was really surprised.  He looked at me puzzled, then laughed "No. Not real companies. I'm not sure as these guys like to talk shit but I think they are all working out of their basements. Doing 'Consulting' or some such shit. Hell, half of them give me their business cards just for selling them some cables."

"Start saving them." I told him.  "They might come in handy for certain jobs."

He laughed "Mover, I can do it cheaper and faster."

"Yeah but I don't want to see you get busted."

He looked at me. I watched the light bulb go off. "Ah..."

"Exactly."  I told him.  I walked away from him knowing he now thought I was looking out for him.  I wasn't.  I was looking out for me.

BIC was writing constantly now. No one saw much of him. He stayed in his "Office" and didn't want to be disturbed.   That was easy enough. We were the only people interested in seeing him physically. Every one else only wanted a virtual piece of him.  Supposedly he was working on a book but he was also posting like a maniac on his blog.  Eye had got him a domain and space on a server using BIC's Mom's credit card after the blog crashed do to our sudden fame  I didn't find out about until it was a done deal. I was beginning to wonder how far I wanted to ride this wave before it hit the beach.  I didn't really expect the ride to last that long. The sharks would arrive before that.  I was just going to have to time my departure right. 

I was surprised that BIC's writing actually resonated with me.  His latest posts were about how the economy was the environment and the environment was the economy. Capitalism was a cancer. The environment was the mirror that reflected the damage that was actually happening.  He kept it simple and stayed on point.  The only change was how he wrapped the main point in current events.  Windsong wrote the "Green" parts. She was a mystic on the web and a realist in person. All money, such as it was, went through her.  Paypal contributions being the main source of funding then. Her personal account was where they were sent.  That and BIC's Mom was it.

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