Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Mover - Part 5a

The meeting ended up happening but it didn't follow my script. Events changed it by moving far faster than I expected.  Within the next three days four Burner videos hit the 'Net. The third one wasn't a happy ending one. They had a crowd. It was a local burn. Probably not more than 5 miles from us in Arlington. Apparently they had let everyone except us know the where and when.The local cops rolled up on them before they could toss the Molotov. Something went wrong. The Molotov guy probably panicked. He burned spectacularly.

Glen Beck was hating on us and Fox News had its stars shouting how it was just a stupid craze and didn't reflect of the mood of the country.  Hell, they had their own band of fruit cups who knew the correct agenda. I actually watched a few shows with Fire. The rest of the media couldn't figure out what side to come down on at first. It would have been a slam dunk for them if they had shown the American flag and the women had kept their clothes on.  Yet the populist appeal was unmistakable. So they buried it. Or tried to.

We finally had the meeting right after this. BIC was excited.  Big money was starting to coming in.  Well, big by BIC and Windsongs standards. Anna told me Windsong used to have an orgasm when $20 showed in her account via Paypal. I didn't even get a chance to run my agenda. BIC set a new one.  He wanted us to start the local chapter.

"So what are we going to call ourselves?" I asked him. "Burners Anonymous?"

 He didn't think that was funny. Instead he went on how we had the chance to create change...yada yada."

I wanted to ask him if he had voted for Obama but I decided to nod and smile.  Inside I was excited. Away from BIC I could run things my way.  He wanted fire and bankers burning.  I was going to give it to him.  If I played it right I  realized I could have fun and if worse came to worse I could give him up.


  1. Dalton is a hard guy to figure out. That's a good thing. It's hard to get from there (post powerdown), back to here.

    Good job, Nova.

  2. I'm loving Dalton. Angry enough to stick his head up and do something but also smart enough to stay out of the system. America makes their own terrorists.


  3. I read about a growing number of gangs entering the military, and bringing their new skills back to their neighborhoods.They have even entered the civilian contractor support companies that operate overseas, supplying drugs and other contraband to those that have a need for such things.(Search,,,chicago cop: scary growth of gangs in war zones,,,).
    As states and cities continue to layoff law enforcement for lack of funding, I believe there will be an increase in gang violence never before seen in this country.
    Nova, I believe your Wild West description of how this country spirals into third world squalor is dead on target.And people need to prepare for some serious hard times ahead.Your literature has certainly been a wake up call for me as it has provided me with perspectives I have never considered possible.I've noticed that a growing number of Americans have come to realize something is really wrong with the country.We may be witnessing life imitating art.
    I thoroughly enjoy your work.Thanks, wheedle