Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Mover - Part 3d

The meeting was interesting. BIC was telling everyone "Look. It's time to take it to the next level.  I need something to put on the blog other than the same old rants they can read elsewhere. I need podcast content that is hot." He grinned and added "Burning hot." 

The serious looking guy, his name was Gene, answered him "Look BIC. Everyone talks shit. Getting them to do shit in real time is proving to be next to impossible.  If they could riot using their keyboard this country would be toast by now." Plaintively he added "How the hell did they get them into the street in the 60's?" 

"By doing god damn it!" BIC roared.

 "I got a podcast coming for you..." This was from the redhead who didn't get to finish her sentence. BIC, instead of yelling, quietly told her "The Wicca stuff is fine but it doesn't get the kind of play we need." I knew from the tone he used that he was doing her.  I decided to jump in. "You all got it wrong" I told them.  "You want to know how they got people in the streets? They made it fun. The had good looking women and that pulls a crowd everytime. They had music. They had drugs. What do you got to offer other than jail time? We're talking White boys here right?" I didn't bother to let him answer. "Most of them don't want to meet Bubba. They want to do Windspring over here."

Windspring was the redhead. She corrected me. "It's Windsong."

"Yeah. Whatever.  You want the big time? You need to bring an illusion of good times for some. Ideology to justify it. Then you need to bring the violence to make it legit."

There was a moment of silence. BIC stared at me, his eyes narrowed, and he said "What do you bring?"



  1. Hi Nova...good good stuff here. Got caught up on the entire chapter 3 this go round.

    when he says he brings the violence....i picture it like he is the whirlwind, and he comes ripping in,sparking violence, and fans the flames....

    Oh, these are the blogs that distracted me

    www.motorcopblog.com and www.thelawdogfiles.blogspot.com

    They are very funny, very wellwritten. I read allllll the posts on the motor cop blog these past few days...he hooked me. :D

  2. I like the lawdogfiles He is funny in a way I like.

  3. I once met a woman who changed her name to chakra windsong from something blandly jewish. She was an uber JAP. I also met someone named nirvana recently who proved again that God loves irony. keep writing Nova,you are already better than a number of best selling writers (Faint Praise,I know)