Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Mover - Part 3e

I hadn't made a conscious to hook up with them until then. As I told them what I brought to the table I realized I had.  Anna sealed it by saying "Yes!" loudly and pumping her fist. She added "Now thats what I'm talking about." I looked over at her. She was sitting next to me on the other ratty sofa in the room. Her eyes were shining and her headlights were on.  "Well well" I thought "Maybe I had just found a soul mate."  Shit I had nothing else happening. Now I could move bankers on. Same line of work -- just further up the food chain.

BIC wanted to talk targets. Gene wanted to kiss my ass. The fat girl, Tina was her name, when she saw Anna wasn't looking licked her lips. Windsong just studied me.  I studied all of them back and said the minimum necessary to keep the conversational wheels turning. Now that I made my decision I was evaluating them differently.  Each had their potential uses.  People are tools. Especially when you want to form the kind of team I had in mind. I didn't need four hammers. I was the hammer. The rest of them, well, time would tell.

I also wondered if Homeland Security had physically infiltrated an informer into the group. I doubted it. They would eventually.  Someone new would show up or one of the people here would be compromised. That was a given.  Electronically I was sure BIC was being monitored. At a minimum his IP was compromised and some basic information on him existed in a file somewhere.  That was fine. People like him were a dime a dozen on the Net. If I was filtering for possible candidates for late night door removal he wouldn't show up based on what I had heard and seen so far.  That also would change. 

I had a feeling I had an idea what model he was thinking about. I had noticed a book case filled with books by the door that probably led to his bedroom.  I was going to need to take a look at them.  Someones book collection was a window into their mind. Just having them had raised my opinion of him considerably.  People who wanted to do what he had in mind were not dumb asses. This wasn't South America or the Middle East though. They were able to disappear because they weren't anomalies. They were the voice and face of a significant minority of the people  around them.  Gangs were a better model than the SLA or Waco.  Yeah me the BIC were going to need to talk. Before that happened I was going to need to generate some credibility. The sooner the better.


  1. Leaderless religion (leaderless can't be decapitated), with naked young women dancing half-drunk by the bonfire (recruiting), and a 3-D matrix of small groups who do "actions". "Burn it all!" needs to be focused on long supply lines and concentrations of BTU's along with any kind of fuel/energy transmission systems. The bankers will be a symbolic trophy only, but will become hard targets after the easy first few.

    Strange combination of ELF and La Familia structure and objectives.

    The Mover is good.


  2. Just checked in and was happily surprised to find you back at it! Congrats on the publisher!
    The new story is great. The mover is starting to sound like Gardener's twin brother... Although I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet. Either way it is a good story and you've still got me on the edge of my seat with A.A.


  3. Thanks pdxr13, I really believe that I will see the birth and rise of a new religion/political party that will have change, not necessarily for the better, the world.

  4. Hi Yerubbaal,

    Yeah. I am going to try and write him as the opposite in many ways of Gardener. Who knows?

  5. Lightpost - rope - banker: some assembly required. If I were hypothetically to decide that the burner creed was the way to go (which I have not, just to be clear in case anyone is looking, lol) Jamie Dimon would be the first target; he represents the class so well.

  6. Hey Nova,

    I am really enjoying this new story line. Maybe this has already been said, but I think that it would be very interesting to see the future interaction between Max's Horde and the Burners, with Gardner and the Mover facing off, or even allying. Your writing is great! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  7. Hey Jonathan,

    I didn't realize until someone pointed it out that I had used Dalton as a name. When people asked if he was the same one it got me to thinking...

    Yeah. I have been thinking about that idea too. He leads the Burners against Freya and the Horde somewhere down the line...

    Thanks for reading.

  8. For some reason I got to thinking that he and Anna were somehow involved with Freya coming about, or at least Windsong.

    Really liking this story


  9. For some reason I got to thinking that he and Anna were somehow involved with Freya coming about, or at least Windsong.

    Daamn...I like that.

  10. ok ok ok ok....here is my two cents....
    He and anna turn out to be a very odd set of soulmates/BFF.

    He actually gets a female that grasps his issue and recognizes the fact that nothing sexual will ever happen between them... thereby being able to bypass all the sexual tensions and games and go straight to loyal friend, coworker, compadre and soul mate. In a very different and slightly twisted way. :D

    Soooo...he is going after freya and the horde, eh? which woman does he hate? Shelli, freya or night? enough hate to look forward to some raping and pillaging underneath a romantic sunset?

    I like how he is the opposite of Gardner...silent, deep, thoughtful, careful and meticulous....yet still similar very violent, capable, and vicious

  11. FSHB said...

    Jamie Dimon would be the first target

    I nominate Hank Paulson for that - the slimiest of the slime in both banking and government.

  12. Perhaps he is the reason Freya leaves the burners...he seems like just the type of guy Freya would look for as her champion, and i seem to recall back in AA something about Frey saying she chose to leave the burners. Maybe he had something to do with her hooking up with the burners?


  13. YB,

    Yeah. Actually that could fit the story and the timeline.