Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Mover - Part 1d

Anna came rushing out of the kitchen about a minute after the two began pounding on the table, laughing, and yelling "Service! Service!"  The TV was set to the news and CNN was doing a special on "The Dying Ocean."  Fortunately from what I could read off the close captioning it wasn't dead everywhere yet and new technology may soon even be able to reclaim the cesspool of toxins and death that was the Gulf of Mexico. "That's a relief" I thought. "Thank god for the concern an ingenuity of the chemical companies." Yes, I snarked myself. There wasn't anyone else I could share my humor with.

Apparently the Mediterranean was also dying along with a few other bodies of water I had never heard of including some lake in Africa.  I knew the Africans were screwed unless they found oil nearby sometime soon.  In America nobody gave a shit about Africa. Hell, most Americans couldn't even find Mississippi on a state map including half the people who lived there.  I figured I better start eating seafood more often before it disappeared.

Anna had seen me and shot me a quick smile while she tended to the two clowns. They were giving her shit and checking out her tits at the same time. Anna was well endowed.  Actually she was damn near beautiful.  They were keeping their hands to themselves so far and her stepfather had come out of the kitchen to glower at them.  They had noticed and laughed even harder.  She took their order and came by my table.

"Hey Dalton. What you going to have?" Then she laughed.  She laughed because I ordered the same thing each time. Fries, a quarter chicken, an a Dr. Pepper. Why change if you found something good was how I saw it. Not everybody thought that way.

"Hi Anna. The usual." I never asked her if I had messages. She either told me or didn't.  "Everything all right?" I didn't mean with the cell phone and she knew it.

"Ah Poppy. Don't worry. It's nothing." She smiled at me again and added "I'll be back."

She headed back towards the kitchen and as she passed the clowns, the one with his back to me stuck his hand out as she passed and groped some air. They thought that was pretty funny. Anna pretended not to notice and kept going.  "Smart girl" I thought.

The one facing me checked my reaction and I stone faced him. He said something to the one who had his back to me. He thought he was whispering. He wasn't. He told him "I don't think he liked that."  I saw the other one look over the booth seat at me. Like a gopher he popped up quick and then disappeared. I didn't hear what he told his partner in reply but I could make a guess after the quick burst of laughter that followed it.  The one watching me said "Maybe he wants some too!"  They were cracking themselves up over there.


  1. Funny aint it? In social settings Doctors always get some version of a fellow party-goers giant hair wart-covered body part in their face, a mechanic always gets dragged to the garage to diagnose what is wrong with the family whose profession is violent? They always get the wanna-be thugs in their spaces and faces. heh. go figure.

    I am really enjoying your pacing here.

  2. Dalton? Anna?

    Nova never lets anything go to waste.