Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mover - Part 7b

I decided to talk to the woman who had yelled at the old man. She was watching me as was everyone else around us. Not with hostility, just wary curiosity. I started walking towards her. I smiled. Hopefully it was a disarming one. She didn't return it.  Instead she told me "If you're a Mormon or selling something just keep on going."

"No. Not a Mormon." I laughed. "And I'm sure not selling anything" I decided right then to slip into low class English with maybe a hint of a drawl. The talk of the people kind of thing. 

She laughed "That's good because I don't have any. Anyways them Mormon boys travel in twos." She had her hands on her hip and was appraising me as I approached. I was pretty sure she liked what she saw. She had been good looking once. She needed to lose a few pounds and lose the hungry stressed out look and she would be all right. She might pencil out as mid-level cougar material then. Maybe. She would have to lose the kid which was running between the cars laughing and chasing someone else's kid.

"So what are you looking for stranger?"  She brushed a wisp of hair out of he face.  "You saving souls?"

'No. I'm looking for some Americans that want to help change things. To make America a place where the workers get paid a decent wage and the bankers are kept in their place." I was just getting started when she interrupted me "How do you plan on keeping the bankers in their place?" A couple of people had walked over and were standing on the edge of the conversation. I liked it. I was drawing a crowd. 

"We burn them."

The woman frowned "Like at the stake?"

One of the two people on the edge of the conversation, a middle aged White male, laughed and said "Hell Yes!"

"No. Tho that isn't a bad idea. No! We need to shut them down. We need to go back to where we actually made things in this country. Efficiency has become a religion. A religion that only benefits the rich. They have used it to strip us of our dignity, our jobs,and now they want our homes.  The only alternative they can offer is a lifetime as debt slaves. Forever begging for shit jobs to make the payments on crap that has already broken, worn out, or been flushed down the toilet after clogging our arteries."


  1. Am i sensing a Mover "state of the union address" coming on?


  2. Hmm...I hope not....maybe a mini-rally?