Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Mover - Part 3c

Meetings are not that big of deal for me. Unlike most men I am not evaluating all the females for possible future liaisons.  Well, maybe. There was a redhead there who was pretty hot.  Her and BIC were arguing when we walked in about her hair.  The redhead was telling BIC "I did it for symbolic reasons. Valid ones. We need symbols that can be adopted by the masses!"

BIC wasn't liking it. "No! I have told you this before and written it enough god damn times.  No symbols! They will just co-opt them and drain the meaning from them.  I don't want our ideas turned into merchandise that you can buy in the god damn mall!

Then what about your BIC logo!"  I could tell she thought it was a killer riposte. 

He smiled "That's different. That was before we got big."

I looked around and thought "This was big? Jesus. Who did he meet with before? His cat?"

He had seen me by now and walked away from the redhead leaving her fuming.  He hugged Anna, I was to find they hugged each other hello, good-bye, and for the hell of it if they were attractive.  He hugged me too. Then we did the introductions.  The other two were in their early twenties, one a White female who needed to lose weight, had pink hair streaks and tat's.  The other one was a skinny White male who looked liked he had no sense of humor and reminded me of attorneys I had known. Only he didn't look successful or confident enough. 

We started the meeting with an invocation of the goddess by the redhead.  Then they recited the Burner statement of existence.  "When faced with the destruction of the planet and the impoverishment of the many by the few then the only option is to destroy them before they destroy us.  Burn the bankers!"  It wasn't up there with what Thomas Jefferson and his friends had written but the "Burn the Bankers!" part turned out to have legs.


  1. And still has legs Nova. Welcome back. Missed you!

  2. Hey Kevin!

    Thanks for coming back