Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Mover - Part 3b

I met her friends the next afternoon at the house of a financial supporter, actually the only support, of the guy whose idea it was to burn or destroy all tech and bring  back to the good old days.  He lived in his Mom's basement then.  That part was glossed over later I noticed.

There were six of us of at the meeting. There were also probably a couple hundred people in the area who supported his ideas, left comments on his blog, and were basically full of shit. There were more elsewhere using the ideas he was pushing out on his blog then. Some of them had blogs, one had a website, others just posted the ideas at the core of the "Change," or their interpretation of it wherever they felt like it. It was a pretty loose organization to say the least.

Our leader used the name "BIC" online.  He also expected to be addressed as BIC in the real world.  Supposedly it was because he used a BIC lighter as a logo on his blog. It took me awhile to figure that out.  I thought BIC meant "Burner in Charge" at first.  I had never read his blog or heard of him before this.  I very rarely read his blog later.  His philosophy wasn't exactly deep. Once you got the rudiments it was pretty easy to guess what BIC would say or do in any given ideological situation. 

BIC was not impressive in person physically. He was overweight by at least 20 lbs, white, he had bad skin, and greasy hair that he wore long.  He did have white teeth and eyes that managed to be piercing online and in reality.  He could talk too. I mean complete sentences and paragraphs that led to conclusions that you knew were right.  He could be charming when he wanted to be and he had an amazing memory.  He was also totally fucking nuts.  I recognized that right away but very few else did.  Perhaps me being somewhat off of center helped in seeing that. The rest were a mixed bag.  In time I would end up knowing them all.  At this point I was content to sit back.

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