Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Mover - Part 5b

We talked about BIC's new ideas.  The way Windsong was preening, gloating, and generally making me want to smack her repeatedly about the head let me know where the idea had come from.  BIC told us "It's not enough to burn the bankers. We have to kill the machines." I wanted to interrupt an ask him "Whats this? So far we've only killed machines. Well, charred a few ATM's." Instead I bit my tongue. I was going to be hitting him up for operating money very shortly and why piss him and Windsong off. So I let him roll with what he had to say.

"We need to starve the banker beast...bleed the banker beast...make it die a death of a thousand cuts. Make life hell for the moneyed class who supports it through their labor. I want to break the electronic chains that tie and tether them to it.  Only when they are free of their electronic blinders can they see the world as it truly is and we will be there to lead them to their birthright!"

"Yeah!" Yelled Anna.

Suck, that dirty little slut joined in with her. Not before giving me the eye. I knew what she wanted and I had plans for her. I let my mind linger on those plans and lost the next part of what BIC was saying.  When I regained my focus I heard "...Sabotage them. Take down the cell towers. Burn the banker buildings and data centers. Shut down the spider web!"  He was on his feet by then and spraying spittle everywhere. Everyone, except for me was yelling back at him and then he abruptly stopped.  He looked at us, blinked, gave us an embarrassed smile and sat back down. 

All three of the women were on him then. He could have stood up, pointed at his bedroom, and they would have all gone without looking back.  I looked over at Eye. He was totally in to it. Staring at BIC with total love an adoration.  A couple of things went through my head. The first was "Damn. He is actually good."  The second thought was envy. I wanted that kind of power. I needed that kind of power.


  1. The machines have a lot of friends. Bankers don't have friends, they have allies and associates.

    These are girls who have never missed a meal or a hot shower in their lives. For them, food comes from supermarket shelves and clean/drinkable hot/cold water comes from a faucet, without fail/always, electricity always works if you pay the monthly bill. Cars run as long as they look good on the outside and you have a gas card. How could it be otherwise? Boys, too. And so it goes.

    Bi-mart is retailing a fantastic deal in a .308Win bolt-action rifle recently. It's a Japanese-made Howa 1500 with 24" barrel synthetic Monte Carlo stock 5+1 capacity sold as a Weatherby Vanguard for $359. Pay gunsmith to trim barrel to 18" for "scout" style, if lighter and shorter is better (which it is if carrying miles on-foot). Uses Rem Model 700-style scope mounts. Bolt-action is gentle on brass cases, encouraging reloading to save money and find the perfect combination for the rifle.


  2. Howa makes very good rifles for those who don't know.They have a excellent reputation for accuracy and the design is proven. Cutting the barrell yourself is easy if you have the right tools,but I do recommend buying a crowning tool from Brownell's unless you are real handy.

  3. Hey Nova,
    Just got caught up with the story. Excellent character development. Very intrigued by the jealousy Dalton has for BIC and where that may lead. Also love seeing AA from a whole new perspective.

  4. Hey Merote,

    Thanks. Yeah, this is turning out to be a little more difficult to write too.


    Thanks. They don't seem to advertise on the web so you have to drive in. DC stores don't sell weapons generally until you get out a ways.